Miyamoto: Wii U Is Even Easier Than Previous Consoles To Develop For

After President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata admitted that Nintendo’s had difficulty coping with the transition to HD, the last thing we expected to hear is – get this – apparently, the Wii U is easier to develop for than Nintendo’s previous consoles.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

well slap 6gb more ram in it and let's go!!!

ALso allow streaming at EVO..

SilentNegotiator1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

That's nice that it's easier to develop for, but it won't matter if support doesn't increase.

Anon19741980d ago

You hit on the problem right there. Being easy to develop for is great, but if the install base isn't there, or if they aren't buying games then there's a problem.

When you see company's like EA, the undisputed kings of porting to every device conceivable, turning their noses up at your platform it sends a strong message to other developers.

I really hope this turns around. It's not like the Wii-U isn't a capable system, and certainly as a core gamer I was happy to see the inclusion of a controller I'd actually use in the pro-pad or whatever it's called, but with the PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon, what chance does the Wii-U have. And only $50 difference from a PS4?

Enigma_20991980d ago

I'm waiting for the explanation that shows how that's Nintendo's fault, and not the fault of the companies that choose not to support it.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago


It's up to console manufacturers to ensure that their console is appealing to third parties.

Third parties are nomads. They go where the money is. It is NOT up to them to ensure success of the console.

Enigma_20991980d ago


But they'll turn around and s*** out piss poor ports and mobile phone based crap to make a quick buck.

We don't agree on this. And we never shall. The 3rd party folks DESERVE to share the blame.

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starfox791980d ago

Easier but twice the man power sounds about right,less optimizing with wiiu using more modern features.

PopRocks3591980d ago

I love ya Miyamoto, but that's difficult to believe when I just read that developing in HD on Wii U requires twice the manpower. Something which the team was unprepared for.

Just get back to releasing the Wii U's first great game of the end of the year we're square, savvy?

SpiralTear1980d ago

Yeah, this response doesn't necessarily coincide with the previous story about Wii U development.

EliteGameKnight1980d ago

well he said it required twice the manpower. Which is normal due to the transition from non-HD to HD. But maybe the Wii U's coding language has been simplified, making it easier then ever.

ChickeyCantor1980d ago

There are 2 different things he is talking about.

HD games :
Aesthetics complexity goes up, thus needs more artistic manpower.
Gamelogic complexity goes up, therefore needs more programing manpower.

Interfacing with the console = easy.

So the statement that it's easier for Nintendo to work with the hardware over previous console has nothing to do with the complexity of a game project.

Dravidian1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I think it's one of those longer/harder things. The console may be easier to develope for, but doing everything in HD is simply more time consuming. Thus in order to cut down development time they increase manpower.

At least that's what I'm thinking. Either that or he eaten one too many mushrooms, if you know what I mean.

EDIT: should have scrolled down a bit more lol

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Grimhammer001980d ago

It really starting to smell of desperation at Ninny HQ these days.

PigPen1980d ago

You mean Sony HQ right. Nintendo has money in the bank.

Knushwood Butt1980d ago

Yeah, keep reachin' Shiggy.

TongkatAli1980d ago

These are just words. We have to see the pudding, but knowing their track record they're going hard after the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo plays the biggest mind games in these console wars.

Sony has a trap card the PS3, let's see how the Game Of Console War Thrones begin.

Shad0wRunner1980d ago

Nintendo's Wii U doesn't stand a chance against the PS4, let alone XBox One.

Not even in the same league...

stragomccloud1980d ago

How is that even on topic? Don't let hate and stupidity consume you. You will have many regrets as you grow older and even more hateful.

Shad0wRunner1980d ago

Theres no hate or stupidity in my post.

I stated a fact, not opinion and not a fanboy statement. The Wii U is ALREADY getting mocked and even the Devs are starting to shy away from it.

R00bot1980d ago

Ok, you said that the Wii U doesn't stand a chance against the Xbone and PS4, and that they're not even in the same league.

That is not a fact.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Honesty I think the bad sales is just a result of nintendo's cockyness..

lol at them..

Who is looking forward to EVO??? yeah!!!??

PigPen1980d ago

You're talking crazy. You need your face painted and sould be given some big shoes, a wig and a cherry nose. The Wii U is more powerful then you think.

PopRocks3591980d ago

"Nintendo's Wii U doesn't stand a chance against the PS4, let alone XBox One.

Not even in the same league..."

How is this a factual statement exactly? This sounds pretty subjective from where I'm standing.

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