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Submitted by -Mezzo- 946d ago | opinion piece

The Best Part Of Today's GTA V Trailer Is Ten Seconds Of Multiplayer

Kotaku - Today's new gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is filled with all sorts of nifty things you can do in the single-player game. You can keep those. All I care about is that last ten seconds of tantalizing multiplayer mayhem. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Cam977  +   946d ago
Nope, I disagree. The countryside footage hyped me up, especially with the Penitentiary in the distance. The multiplayer, however, does look effing marvelous.
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unchartedxplorer  +   946d ago
I wouldn't say it was the best part, but it was really cool. The beautiful view of downtown LS with nice sunglare while standing in a skyscraper high up. The cars and helicopters flying all over the place, and then the jet swooping past.
Then black. Absolutely beautiful end to a fantastic trailer
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OcelotRigz  +   946d ago
Nicely summarized.

I loved the trailer, of course, but the highlight for me was the top down view of the mountain. All i could think of was all the times i pushed and pushed up the mountain in San Andreas with my little bike only for those few crazy seconds of going down again. Now i get to do it with that beast of a mountain.
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solidworm  +   946d ago
MP shows nothing but names going round a city. People will get hyped for anything nowadays lol. Get a grip people.
BALLARD32  +   946d ago
It was a nice tease and I'm sure multiplayer will provide hours and hours of fun, but the single player stuff they showed really blew me away.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   946d ago
So here are my thoughts:

-GTA Online suggests a totally revamped MP component.

-Instead of being the standard objective based MP seen in most games, its the whole Los Angeles, Los Santos sandbox That a slew of gamers can take part in.

- GTA Online consist of owning housing possibly adjust stocks and control real Estate.

-GTA Online may feature heist's and objective based team work seen in GTA V's single player.

- GTA Online will feature Cell phone, Smart Phone use. Communicate with your team, or group of posse any where in the GTA world. No matter where they're at, or what they're doing. Maybe even send coordinates to group of friends to take part in a epic heist mission.

I hope I'm right on all this.

Day One.
Fixay  +   946d ago
I think GTA Online will be very similar to what you can do currently using the Multi Theft Auto mod for GTA San Andreas. Certain servers will let you get a job and earn a living etc, take part in online events and spend your money on items such as cars and bikes.

If it is anything like that i'll be hyped!
solidworm  +   946d ago
If the MP is good it will be the first time Rockstar have succeeded at mp. The campaign should be amazing, the mp...well I reckon another fail but hope Im wrong.
WeAreLegion  +   946d ago
The first time? Did you not like RDR's multi-player? I loved it!
solidworm  +   946d ago
No it was ambitious but klunky as hell.
WeAreLegion  +   946d ago
Understandable. :)
HaleKaden  +   946d ago
I just want to see more gameplay its so good lookin cant get enough lol The scale wow i will post this everytime could never euin it if they made more videos before it comes out to hype people up and its awesom does that count lol. im 31 and ill play this and better in the next 20 years nice :)
HaleKaden  +   946d ago
The scale is just great so much to see with the radio on in a roller my ps3 will prob die from the hours i leave it on just watching the senery listening to music like i did with san anreas. bad spelling and grammer dont care im hyped thats why this game is going to be so good more more more tommy likey.Im a good gamer not a good grammer for this site and dont vare lol.
HaleKaden  +   946d ago
just buy another ps3 to play all the good games if it dies:)

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