Ouya: It’s the ultimate retro gaming emulation platform

Indie game console, the Ouya, might be lacking awesome system-selling games right now, but it makes up for that shortcoming with its ability to emulate retro consoles.

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pat_11_51959d ago

If nothing else, this is a great use for the Ouya, especially at the relatively low price point of $100.

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pat_11_51958d ago

It really isn't that bad.

AWPA1958d ago

We couldn't agree more. We are not being paid by Ouya to say this, since other users might disagree, but we love the Ouya. We supported it during its KickStarter days and reviewed it. It still has a bit of work to do but its getting places.

Pancit_Canton1958d ago


I think they are 10 years too late.

If the technology existed years ago it would dominate the casual market as we speak.

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The story is too old to be commented.