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The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy GTA V Over Saint’s Row IV

"Today we’re going to tell you about why you need to pick Grand Theft Auto V over Saint’s Row IV if you can only pick up one of these games at launch." - David Wales (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

xHeavYx  +   469d ago
They are both different games. I'll be picking up both
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DavePSU  +   469d ago
Try reading the introduction above. That's covered.
Pushagree  +   469d ago
There is no reason to waste 60 dollars buying what would pretty much be another shamless cloned cash cow that should have been DLC to Saints row 3 to begin with. So far, I've seen no reason to even bat an eye at the saints row series and the gameplay trailer for GTA V only cements that notion even further. The clear amount of effort that has gone into making GTA V outshines Saints Row in every way. Not only is GTA V incredibly polished when it comes to creating an expansive and believable open world, but they also have a compelling story and a lot of fun gameplay mechanics to mess around with. If all Saints Row has to counter that is purple dildo-bats, then it's not going to fare too well.
Bobby Kotex  +   469d ago
Not everyone is a GTA fanboy.
UnHoly_One  +   469d ago
See that's the whole point, the games are NOTHING like each other, except they are both open world games.

Comparing them and saying one is way better than the other is like me saying The Last of Us is way better than God of War: Ascension, so I'm only buying TLoU.

It's just ridiculous. If you can only afford to pick up one, then obviously you should get the one that appeals to you more, but otherwise I don't know why anyone is even comparing the two of them anymore.
Pushagree  +   469d ago
(sorry double post. please delete.)
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betan21  +   469d ago
saint's row can kiss my ____gta day one.
monkey48  +   469d ago
The reasons are just what we seen in the gameplay footage. Saints Row is cartoony and funny whereas GTA is realistic and beautiful
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   469d ago
the only Saints Row thst caught my attention was the first one... just because it looked like another cool open world game with gangsters but i never got around to it.... then i saw saints row 2 and i started seeing some goofy shit in the game and from that point on i started not liking this game.. and now today saints row has super powers and wtf is going on in this game...

GTA all the way
LonDonE  +   469d ago
agreed, i loved the first siants row, while all my buddies were still playing on PS2, i was kicking it back on my 360, and saints row was a awesome indicator of how the next hd gta game would be!
I was so disappointed with the sequels, they just became more silly and silly, and at the end of the first, i thought man, with time and iteration, this franchise could maybe rival gta one day!
man how wrong was i? lololol purple dildo's .nuff said!
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   469d ago

lmaoo i thought that one day it could rival GTA also then the sequels came out... lmaoo i say the same thing wow a purple dildo to go around killing ppl wow became a joke of a game... im sure SR4 will sell less then the others im sure sales been going south after the first
Galletto3  +   469d ago
That was the intention though. For whatever reason they did not want to, or could not compete with GTA as a "serious/realistic" game.

I think it fills a nice niche. People LOVE to do goofy stuff in GTA (huge explosions, unrealistic mods) that Saints Row picks up on.

Its super fun in its own right, comparing it to GTA is apples and oranges
UnHoly_One  +   469d ago
Exactly correct.

And it has had online co-op since the second game, something GTA still hasn't done.

In SR3 I spent about an hour one night with a buddy just trying to figure out the right place to jump out of a helicopter at maximum height and divebomb straight into the pool on the roof of my crib and survive... And I was naked. lmao


I'm not badmouthing GTA in any way, I love it, and I can't wait for it after that trailer today, but Saint's Row is it's own thing and there is definitely room for both in my game collection.

Hydralysk  +   469d ago
None of these look like things I'd want out of a sandbox game...

Still not sure what people saw in GTA4. In San Andreas I spent most my time doing stuff like flying jets in between buildings, jetpacking into restricted areas, getting into high speed chases in a tank, or dropping 747s onto towns filled with civilians while I bail out with a parachute.

Then came GTA4, and all of a sudden the vehicles handle more realistically (i.e. like shit). There are no fun vehicles like tanks, the gunplay was tedious as all hell, I've got people constantly annoying me to hang out with them, and I get penalized for not paying tolls.

Even with all that, that biggest problem was it's story. It's practically impossible to take Niko's story of him being torn up over his past seriously when the second you get into gameplay you're murdering dozens of goons and running over pedestrians while hurling insults like a sociopath. Cutscene Niko and gameplay Niko are practically two different characters.

Saint's Row is dumb fun, and everything about the gameplay and story embraces that, pretty much like the PS2 GTA's did. GTA 4 wants to tell a serious story with a tortured protagonist, but does nothing to reconcile that with the gameplay that is still focused on facilitating player-driven anarchy.

You can add as many mini games and radio stations as you want, but I played GTA for the fun of creating absurd amounts of mayhem or just to act stupid for laughs. Unless GTA5 can impress me with that I can't see myself ever buying it.
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Geovanny  +   469d ago
SIRHC13  +   469d ago
Oversized purple dildos for melee weapons don't amuse me anymore.
LeRise  +   469d ago
Reason 0: It's Rockstar
JunioRS101  +   469d ago
anybody who buys saints row OVER gta v is a looney toon
ShAkKa  +   469d ago
Is this a joke?
CrossingEden  +   469d ago
or you could not be a fanboy and just buy both if you can afford it
modesign  +   469d ago
saints row franchise is like watching a jumbo jet catch fire, blow up into little pieces and fall in the middle of the ocean.
i8urCAKE  +   469d ago
The 2 games are completely different. GTA V will be the best game ever and SR4 will be the shittiest game ever.
LuCifer845  +   469d ago
Saints row is poor mans GTA

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