Sega claiming $941,000 from THQ over Company of Heroes 2 preorders

GS:Publisher files motion claiming $941,710.93 over Steam preorders for real-time strategy game after THQ bankruptcy.

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NYC_Gamer1620d ago

THQ can't even catch a break in death

B-radical1620d ago

Microsoft should of purchased thq ;)

tiffac0081620d ago

Assets have already been liquidated or sold. It would not be in the best interest of MS to buy them at this point.

Goro1620d ago

Invest this 941 grand into Yakuza 5 localization

Firan1620d ago

That would make my day. Why did we get a zombie spinoff Yakuza and now we haven't heard anything about Yakuza 5?

Goro1620d ago

Because they made no profit with Dead Souls because of their lack of advertising but i highly doubt it would be the same with Yakuza 5

ThanatosDMC1617d ago

I was okay with it though i started missing stomping people's faces after trudging through the underground to kill the main true boss of the game.

xtremexx1620d ago

Cmon just leave THQ alone man, i dont even think they can pay half of that.

Baka-akaB1620d ago

Another one of Sega's screw ups and bad investments for a change .

TooTall191620d ago

A top-15 most played Steam game is a bad investment? For $60 games it's probably in the top 5. Even if Sega doesn't get the extra million I'm sure in the long run CoH is a great investment.

Baka-akaB1620d ago

Nah i badly expressed myself , i'm talking about them hovering like vultures on a corpse that wont give anything else . Like you said they are already making money of the game , and they wont be the primary recipient of anything THQ would still have

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