GTA V - GTA 5 o'clock: Rockstar answers your questions, GTA online and planning heists (1 Hour Long)

You've seen the new gameplay reveal, and now it's time for the full GTA 5 o'clock treatment. Tim and Dan unleash both barrels of analysis as they break down all the incredible stuff you may have missed in the new Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay trailer. And if that isn't enough, they'll be back again tomorrow with an even more incredible treat.

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NYC_Gamer1805d ago

R* will always show other developers how sandbox is done

Livecustoms1805d ago

gta 6 on next gen is gonna be amazing !

Fasttrack761805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Yeah,I reckon we will see that in may 2016

SolidStoner1805d ago

I still will be waiting for gta5 on PS4!!!!

even after I will play it on ps3, I will still want it on PS4, we all know it will look better on PC, and we know it will be released on xbone, so it must also be on PS4... so 2 copies for it.. one early version and later updated graphics version :) neat!!!

CaptainFaisal1805d ago

no it wont be amazing... it will be breath taking!

DeadlyFire1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

You must wait for 3 DLC expansions for GTA V to come out first.

GTAV is coming to PS4 in 2014/2015. If your willing to wait for it.

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claud31805d ago

That's why they are the best and take time between games

maximus19851805d ago

on september 17 i say goodbye to the real world

RedHawkX1805d ago

I say hello to the real world of gta5 and goodbye to the fake world.

Gamingisfornerds1805d ago

Must be so demoralising for other developers out there to see the level -and density- of quality they will never be able to achieve.

Rockstar have outdone themselves once again.

Donnieboi1801d ago

Most western devs don't have this much attention to detail like this one.