MTV- OUYA Review

MTV:OUYA finds itself in a very interesting place in the video games market; somewhere between mobile and console gaming, freeware and retail, indie and major. They say the secret to success is to create something that someone doesn’t know they need, and then make them realize that they can't live without it. Whether or not OUYA will do that remains to be seen, but, if nothing else, the Kickstarter proved that there was a demand for this type of experience. And, OUYA really is something unique that fills a void that gamers may not know that they had. At $99 OUYA seems reasonably priced enough to stretch beyond core gamers and appeal to the curious crowd with a cnote burning a hole in their pockets. The console is already doing interesting things, and, hopefully time will allow for the team to build on the core of the system, so that it can get fully up to par with the big boys. A little competition never hurt anyone.

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cell9891983d ago

as long as it can play Diddy Kong Racing Im down