DriveClub Dev: “PS4 packs a huge amount of graphical grunt”, “No vistas Like This on This Gen Again”

DriveClub Game Director Col Rodgers is very confident in the quality of his work and on the power of the PS4.

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Rusty5151835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

No vistas like DriveClubs on this generation again? ...Well wait until GT7 comes out on PS4 to see...

Abriael1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Those are my thoughts exactly, or even GT6 on PS4 probably, but I guess he's mostly talking a bit of smack.

Must have learned from Dan Greenawalt...

ps3_pwns1835d ago

I think he means you will never see awesome stuff like this on the xbox one lol. all they have is forza and its mediocre at best. only fanboys hype it as some game changer type racer when its inferior to gt series in every way. its like really you gonna do this people try and hype this yearly release piece of crap forza game over better games because you refuse to get the better ps3 console that has blueray for your hdtv, free online play, better psN+ service, free Netflix, and better exclusives?

yeah I know its ridiculous that xbox 360 gamers went full retard. the only reason forza gets any sells basically is because its packed in with every x360 console most of the time lol. its not even a realistic racer so why not get burnout paradise? at least that's open world stunts and such and is much more fun for a non realistic racer.

xbox owners don't make any sense at all

negative1835d ago

bubble down PS3 clown

Forza is a better game that GT in every single way, including most importantly FUN FACTOR!

Oh and LIVE --> PSN. Take off your sony glasses.

Or are you 13 years old like most here? IN that case I'll give you an idiot pass.

PraxxtorCruel1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

"only fanboys hype it as some game changer type racer when its inferior to gt series in every way"

And you're calling who a fanboy?

What I don't understand is, if the PS is so perfect why is it the PS fanboys always sound so bitter?

TXIDarkAvenger1835d ago

Forza 4 is better than GT5.

If anyone cares to disagree, feel free to comment. I own both games and I have to say Forza 4 is far more superior.

|I think he means you will never see awesome stuff like this on the xbox one lol

The other person who doesn't make sense is you. PS3 fanboy at its finest right here only on N4G.

saint_seya1835d ago

Why u have to troll forza? Im a big sony fan but i can say forza its a good game.. Dont be so childish.
On topic: I have to see to believe, guess when i try the free version ill decide.

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MysticStrummer1835d ago

The console isn't even out, yet he says we won't see vistas like this again. When has it ever happened that visuals in a launch game were unsurpassed for the entire generation? Talk about dev BS. I'm interested in Drive Club, but come on now...

Abriael1835d ago

There is an angle in which me might be kind of right though. Most racing game devs focus a LOT on the cars, and much less on the environment, while Evolution focused very much on the environments. Maybe he feels that other devs won't follow the same route and will still focus 99% on the cars.

sorane1835d ago

It's not even the best looking racer coming out so not sure why he'd say that.....

ps3_pwns1835d ago

Its better then forza 5 by a mile that's for sure and with that 8gbgdrr5 ram on the ps4 theres nothing on the xbox one that can compete with it.

Confickercrash1835d ago

You're telling the future how exactly?

sorane1835d ago

I wasn't talking about xbox one :)

Lvl_up_gamer1835d ago

LMFAO keep beating the drums of delusion.

You will just look even more foolish when both titles are released and DriveClub seriously lags behind Forza in EVERY category.

ps3_pwns1834d ago

lol its the three stooges trying to diss me on n4g lol. Sorry dudes but forza is a racing game and with raceing games you don't buy a console for them unless they are gt or recently drive club. raceing is more popular on the playstation so it makes sense to get playstation racers if you want to race online. forza has far less people online then gt and also drive club will have the most people online because its free with ps+ edition

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yewles11835d ago

Oh yeah, we'll sure see visuals like THIS again in the gen...

Polish first, THEN talk.

Abriael1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Dat unkempt beard...

To be fair, he's talking about vistas, not visuals, IE: the environments around the track.

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