Next Guild Wars 2 Patch Info Datamined


"The Bazaar of the Four Winds may have just arrived in Tyria, but ArenaNet has already given us a hint as to what is coming in the next patch, set to be release on July 16th. On the Release page of the Guild Wars 2 Website, we can see a small banner telling us to “Check back on July 16 for more details!”, accompanied by an image of two very interesting political buttons."

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Echel0n1563d ago

Pretty sick artwork. I'd be interested to see if they actually do an ingame election...that would be worth taking part in.

Wormwood1563d ago

Agree completely on the artwork. Way I see it: If this is an actual election that ends up changing the story based on how players want to see it, ArenaNet has won me back, hard. If it is a rigged election they've already planned, I'll be more disappointed than ever before.

kefkah1563d ago

Guild Wars 2 needs to shake things up. Seriously.

Grayn1563d ago

I agree, I haven't seen enough to pull me back. I will be watching this closely.