Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Trailer Dissection

Alternative Magazine Online has posted an extensive online dissection of the new Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer, offering their thoughts with accompanying screenshots.

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AngelicIceDiamond1985d ago

For all the GTA car enthusiasts

Not only is there so much more customization, but they play a vital role in gameplay as well.

shadowmist131985d ago

Looks like gta IV was just the test dummy for the new engine,between this and saints row 4 my head is spinning lol,wondering well my pc will handle this game,it looks graphically gifted haha.

MajorLazer1984d ago

I have the same theory. I too believe they used Gta IV as a test, in order to build the core mechanics for the then next gen (current gen) and work out ant flaws or kinks and with those core mechanics, they built on it massively for Gta V :D

ddurand11984d ago

wasnt too excited after GTA4, but that trailer got me real excited.

Looking fwd to this.

GABRIEL10301984d ago

Oh boy, switch characters in the mid of the mission is amazing, sports, destructible environments, lot of ways to accomplish the missions, very impressive , a must buy!