This Day in History – 1981: Donkey Kong Arcade Game Released

WTVY - On July 9th, 1981, an arcade game was released in Japan with the unique name of Donkey Kong. Not only was a major success for a company named Nintendo, it introduced two characters who endure to this day.

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ZBlacktt1836d ago

Awh yes, back in those days we gamers wanted the consoles with the most realistic looking arcade games on them. This is where ColecoVision shined. I remember the big headlines when Donkey Kong Jr came out as well.

Knuckle Duster1836d ago

I remember it well myself I was 9 years old when Calico Vision hit the market and Atari would no longer be top dog! Thanks Calico Vision for molding me into a life long gamer!

Relientk771836d ago

* ColecoVision

it's crazy that its that long ago already

for me, Atari 2600 was my first system


MadMax1836d ago

I think i was around the same age too, and just remember that glossy, colorful console box back then! Great system that was as close as you were going to get to the arcade! Still have a working one here with a grip of games, back then our systems were built to last! Nowadays, all electronics have a short lifespan on them.

Ive got a DKJr cabinet in prime condition, with original DK on there. It was the 2 in 1 version. Check out this colecovision site, every coleco fan should look at this. The ultimate kiosk machine!!! Some great photos and info here that will take you back to the days!