Top 10 Best Mech Games of All Time

Gameranx: "Of mechs and men, we take a look at the ten best mech game simulations of all time. From Earthsiege to Hawken, here are the best mech games that video games have to offer."

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Godmars2901983d ago

Pretty much a crappy list aside from the top three.

Front Mission 3 should be anywhere above FM: Evolved for one thing.

Xof1983d ago

Good God, it really is a crappy list. And to make it worse, it's a hitbaiting article that breaks the list into 10 different pages. Goddamn.

Anyway... DON'T CLICK THE LINK! Here's their "list."

10. Front Mission Evolved
9. Steel Batalion
8. Hawken
7. Mechwarrior Online
6. Strike Suit Zero
5. SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division
4. Earthsiege 2
3. Zone of the Enders 2
2. Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
1. Mechwarrior 2

Awful, awful list.

Lvl_up_gamer1983d ago

Steel Battalion being number 9???

There was no Mech simulator EVER until steel battalion came out. That 40+ button controller with the pedals were amazing.

$250 game + $60 for Line of Contact (online only) and it was a $300 bliss of Mech sim.

Steel Battalion NOT being #1 is an EPIC fail of EPIC proportions.

I don't think this writer even played half of those games and just randomly found Mech games and threw them on a list putting #1 with a common name that everyone would know.

Venox20081983d ago

front mission 3, where are you??? the new one is no good

Godmars2901983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

1) SD Gundam GX (Super Famicom)
2) Zone of Enders 2 (PS2)
3) Gundam Vs Extreme (PS3)
4) Ring of Red (PS2)
4B) Front Mission 3 (PS1)
5) Front Mission: Gun Hazard (Super Famicom)
6) Cybernator (SNES)
7) Side Arms (Arcade)
8) Omega Boost (PS1)
9) Steel Gunner (Arcade)
10) Earthsiege 2 (PC)

Oddly enough, despite being a mech enthusiast, never been much of a Mechwarrior fan.

Lvl_up_gamer1982d ago

Lack of an Xbox console on that list where you could have played Steel Battalion is an indication of your lack of playing best mech game ever.

Steel Battalion is the greatest mech game ever.

It's a shame your allegiance to Sony and hatred to MS have left you deprived from playing the greatest Mech game ever.

Such a shame.

Godmars2901982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I'd have put Metal Wolf or Chromehounds on that list before ever considering the original Steel Battalion. Have seen tons of videos and its too much like Battletech, especially for its massive controller.

Actually, recalling Chromehounds has made me remember R.A.D which should have gone *my* list. Chromehounds as well, even if the mechs were more Battletech style.

drizzom1983d ago

How the HELL is Armored Core not on this list?

mayberry1982d ago

Some have commented that guerilla games should make a mech because of the awesome mechs in the Killzone games. I agree they were very cool to control and the sound was very immersive.