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GIZORAMA - At first glance, Time and Eternity looks like a normal game about two girls who are on an epic quest to save a Royal wedding. In reality, it is a title that is obsessed with sex and marriage to a disturbing degree and doesn’t know where to draw the line. It’s a repetitive, perverted and monotonous pile of drudge, and its song and dance makes me sick.

Toki and Towa are the game’s main protagonists; the two girls share a body and have a disease called Duel Soul Syndrome. They have one goal: to get married to a knight named Zack, because that is what a princess is supposed to do. Zack can’t wait to get married to Toki and Towa, because he wants to have sex with them. They try to have a wedding, but it gets attacked and they go back in time to fix the problem. Zack gets turned into a mini dragon and fights alongside Toki and Towa. The plot stays like that for the entirety of the game, which is approximately 25 hours long. Not once does it try to be more than a revolting, d...

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ritsuka6661691d ago

Hey, JRPGs aren’t what they used to be anymore...

Xof1691d ago

No, they are. Like every other genre, they splatter out across the entire spectrum of quality.

To re-score the review by Western standards: 6/10--the lowest score possible.

ritsuka6661691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'm sorry to burst your bubble dude, But overall,Decent JRPGs aren't released much nowerdays, The progression of the genre has slowed down and is only being pushed forward by a small amount of companies.

Tex1171691d ago

Yeah, they are. They just moved over to the handhelds.

Some very good stuff on those systems.


never even heard of this game but i just had to click on a 0.5 review.

zerocrossing1691d ago

It's been through this site a number of times in the past but went by its Japanese title "Toki Towa" instead.

The game got some pretty bad review scores from import reviewers back then too so this was no surprise really.

Xof1691d ago

I've only heard of it in the context of how horrendously bad it was and then, later, how absurd it was that so bad a game was getting localized.

zerocrossing1691d ago

It's a shame this game turned out so awfull, I like the concept of blending HD anime characters in with gameplay and would really like to see it better executed.

zerocrossing1691d ago

Nope, but I'd like to try it out at least once because like I said I like the concept.

izumo_lee1691d ago

I agree. I believe Imageepoch was too ambitious with this title. Also it didn't help that the PS3 architecture was difficult for a small company like them.

The ideas were well thought off but the execution was a tad off. I do hope they get another chance to try again on next gen consoles cause the concept is interesting.

For me i tend to support these very niche JRPGs from smaller developers so whether they be good or bad i will try it.

bakagaijin781691d ago

Yikes, it looks like a consensus is forming to confirm that this is a poorly executed game. Its a shame.

I had this one pre-ordered initially, but when a gameplay video of the battle system came out some time ago it was enough to make me cancel my pre-order. Oh well, at least SMT4 will keep me busy next week instead.

Dagobert1691d ago

Still pre-ordering the collectors edition. Shit game or not, it will still be worth a lot more still sealed years from now.

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