Four New Haze Videos from G4 has been playing Haze for a few days and they wanted to bring you some brand-spanking new gameplay videos. This is exclusive footage that they created while taking the game for a spin.

There is a video of 1 Mantel level and 3 Rebel levels.

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sonarus3911d ago

My problem with haze is its inconsistency. Sometimes it looks good sometimes it doesn't. Some areas seem more detailed than others as well. However i will probably end up getting it if it can get good enough reviews. Good enough being above an 8.0 on gamerankings and metacritic.

I feel like shooting the hell out of something right now and this is essentially the first big shooter of the yr. Besides rainbow 6 which is a differnt type of game due to its lack of run and gun gameplay

Bleucrunch3911d ago

I never really rely on reviews I think that they do more harm than good. I just go on my gut and its right most of the time. Just like with tales from the abyss, Gameinformer gave that game a 7. something I cant remember. When I played it I gave it a 9 and not more because of the long conversations that they had that were pretty drawn out. Reviews are good for noobs but not for vets we should know what the deal is now.

okcomputer3911d ago

Could the inconsistency you see be a result of seeing vids of different builds of the game? As we all know this game has been in development forever now, it might be that the vids of the newer builds just look a lot better than the older vids and they all get mixed together.

Either way though I'm hoping haze lives up to the hype. We haven't had a good exclusive ps3 fps since resistance, and that was a loooong time ago.

yesah3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

yep haze, for me right now is a maybe, might buy might not, it'll depend on new developments. And even if Haze fails us we'll still have resistance 2.

but theese vids make me a little more hyped. And probebly ill be picking it up

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pwnsause3911d ago

i dont like that frame rate at all.

PStriple7033911d ago

i might have to get haze after all

ToastyMcNibbles3911d ago

lookin mighty good...dont sleep on haze people it might surprise you

EZCheez3911d ago

That knows who the hell Free Radical is.

THWIP3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I'm actually HOPING this game stays exclusive. The 360 doesn't need another generic FPS, with corny dialogue. :O The visuals are very underwhelming, considering it's supposedly a PS3 exclusive, designed around Cell. It looks more like Turok or Far Cry: Instincts...not even CLOSE to what's been shown from K2 or Resistence 2. I'm betting this game sells poorly for PS3, and gets ported to PC/360 within 6 months of release.

butterfinger3911d ago

they really do have the market cornered with all the generic FPS they have with poor dialogue! I'm just glad we'll never have to deal with Halo bringing down the PS3...

thor3911d ago

If this game turns out to be any good, it will certainly sell more as an exclusive than as multi-platform. Just think, by making it exclusive they've put it on PS3 owners' radar. If it were just another multi-platform title, who would even take a second glance at it, really?

LarVanian3911d ago

I see what you mean by that man.
The 360 already has enough generic FPS like that over hyped junk Halo 3.

THWIP3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

...but I was actually talking about the non-exclusives that have already been dumped on the 360. Turok, TimeShift, BlackSite:Area 51, Far Cry:Instincts, Quake 4, Jericho, Soldier of Fortune: Payback, Fear, Fear Files, etc. Haze would just be another generic, uninspired FPS on a console that has more than enough to choose from (or ignore) already. Still, if it does poorly on PS3...and I suspect it WILL get ported to PC/360, sadly.

When I finally pick up a PS3 (after it drops to $300), it WILL NOT be for a lame exclusive FPS like Haze.

butterfinger3911d ago

You go to every HAZE article and spam it with negative comments about a game you have yet to play. It's really old now. You should wait until the FINAL product is out and then judge. Although, you I'm sure you won't even give it a chance seeing as you have already came to your conclusion before it was released. If you're going to base all of your opinion off of gamespot's PREview, that is pretty pathetic. I seem to remember reading a good preview for this game yesterday. I want to say it was from IGN, but I'm not sure.

brothersimon3911d ago

fo sho, not worth it..

but ps3 needs games so i guess microsoft LET them have it

Phil Harrison Mklll3911d ago

Man you xBox Slaves are JEALOUS! :-D

Blackcanary3911d ago

You can say that again Phil!

brothersimon3911d ago

Phil, '360' owners are jealous?

Dudeee this game sucks, instead of been a fangirl admit it for once

okay tell me why this game is awesome, and why we're so jealous :)

zapass3911d ago

"I'm gonna buy a Ps3 but only when it's $300"


it hurts them to give Sony some money, but they loved to pay 100s of $ to M$ for the worst POS console in history.

you were CONNED, SCREWED, [email protected] and you paid for it.
you are now PWNED, NAILED, OWNED and you'll pay again for it!


Blackcanary3911d ago

Just so u know i'm not a 360 hater got one allready so i've got nothing to hate.
But please explan what makes this game suck so bad?

Because from what i can see it looks like a great game including what i've seen of CO-OP.

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