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Kanzes1691d ago

It still looks like a generic shooter.

ShugaCane1691d ago

That looks like a generic troll comment. Serisouly, you judged that from this 50 sec clip ?

Kanzes1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'm not trolling, it's my opinion.. from what I've seen so far, there's no big changes from Killzone 3.. I want a shooter that can match Half-Life, and many good FPS out there

Kanzes1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


Yes. I played all Killzone trilogy on my PS3, the graphic and sound is awesome, but the gameplay and story for me is bland and forgettable.


There's already 2 gameplay footage if I recall, from what I've seen so far, it still looks plain.

Rusty5151691d ago

Have you ever played killzone bro? No other shooter feels like it.

ShugaCane1691d ago

@Kanzes, yeah well maybe that's your opinion, okay. But it's kinda random here. That's not even a gameplay video.

Harkins17211691d ago

QQ moar kid. Good to know you can judge a game with no gameplay.

supraking9511691d ago

nice try troll, give better examples next time. Half Life 3 isnt even out. Just say what you want to say, you want more CoD in the butt. LOL

HebrewHammer1691d ago

Sorry Kanzes, but how can you say that Shadow Fall has no significant changes from the KZ3 formula?

Last I checked, KZ3 didn't have vast, open environments or optional objective paths. It's also set 30 years after KZ3, in what appears to be a unified Helghast / Vekta world - quite a deviation from what we've seen in the series. And we haven't even seen the multiplayer yet.


This teaser is old, it was shown at E3. Main protagonists charcters models look very good compared to citizens: http://killzone.dl.playstat...

LackTrue4K1691d ago

If you played all 3 Killzone games like you said.
Why on earth would you expect this game to be like half-life?!?

Not much in commen with both games, (other then there both good)...
"I'm labeling you as trolling"

Doghead1691d ago

Guess Titan fall is not a generic has the best story in all fps

cpayne931691d ago

Kanzes, the gameplay hasn't changed? Are you serious? Multiple objectives, free form enviroment, the friggin OWL, how can you say it hasn't changed? There's been massive amounts of changes.

ritsuka6661690d ago

It still looks like a generic shooter. "

Man, why this guy is getting disagrees?KZ games fall behind in the SP department (still not good as COD or Halo universe) because even with such a fantastic fictional universe behind it, the games tend to fail the story in a good way. KZ3 is a very good example for this. The story felt all over the place at times.

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DoomeDx1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

This video is freaking old..
Seen it a few days after E3

@ above
No changes compared to killzone 3? What!? If you have actually SEEN the gameplay at E3, you see thats it way more open. And no longer linear. You decide what objective you want to do first etc

Shadowolf1691d ago

Calling Killzone Shadow Fall a generic shooter is complete blasphemy and ignorance at this point. Having played extensively what was available from our SCEE demonstration from Guerrilla Games and it is clear this is far from a generic shooter. The series speaks for itself. In fact from what we played and sat down to watch being played, KZ Shadow Fall was easily among the best at E3. While KZ3 was a great shooter with a few shortcomings in its multiplayer offering, Shadow Fall is a different beast altogether. The extensive variety in the gameplay mixed with some of the most impressive visuals coming this holiday already makes K:SF a must buy title. Of course, if you're not a fan of the series then I could understand not being interested. On the contrary if someone is a shooter fan looking for an intense shooter in a vibrant living breathing visually stunning world with aggressive gameplay yet purposely calls Killzone Shadow Fall generic, then it's a strong possibility their narrow-minded approach to K:SF is founded on an Xbox bias. I don't mean to offend anyone however, there is no way of getting around it. From all we've seen the game is shaping up to be an incredible shooter and we haven't even seen the games multiplayer offerings yet.

Hellsvacancy1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

As much as I want this game that so called teaser was terrible

SgtMofo1691d ago

That's what I call a sticky situation.

Wait- what site am I on?

ShugaCane1691d ago

Well... Now I want the full trailer, please. lol

first1NFANTRY1691d ago

looking great. the kz series are my favorite fps games. hopefully this one is as dark as kz2.


the wait is pure torture people. pure torture.

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