How to Bring Xbox Back From the Brink

OnlySP: Gamescom, if you don’t know, is a trade fair for the gaming industry and it is held each year in Cologne, Germany. Open for one day to press and then four days for the public, Gamescom brings upcoming and exciting titles to the public before the Winter barrage of releases.

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mewhy321958d ago

Micro$oft brought this upon themselves. They made their bed, now let them sleep in it.

negative1958d ago

Nope, sorry. Try again please.

Cmk01211958d ago

you should want competition in any market for consumers, even if you dont buy an xbox you want sony to have solid competition. look what the lack of it has done to madden franchise, monopolies are no good

CRAIG6671958d ago

Don't bother Cmk, mewhy32 is a typical fanboy with a serious intelligence deficit

mewhy321958d ago

I agree that competition is good. Especially in the case of the Microsoft DRM debacle. When Sony announced it's DRM policies vs micro$oft's it showed in the preorder's, press, and opinions of gamers that competition is good. Yeah I agree with you but I feel no sympathy for micro$oft.

FrigidDARKNESS1958d ago

The console was never on the brink. Consumers are still planning to buy the xbox one. They have tons of support from publishers and developers.
The hardware will be finalised next month with custom next gen radeon gpu technology GCN 2.0 that has developers excited.

negative1958d ago

Agreed. Was never on the brink. More N4G "news"....

Manic20141958d ago

They Kinda were before the 180 but as of now they are safe but still need to prove why the xbox one.

DragonKnight1958d ago

Yeah, it was never a brink. That DRM is still there. Microsoft never made a bad move that people rallied against. It's all N4G Sony fanboy fiction. /s

Septic1958d ago

This is sensationalist nonsense. The X1 hasn't even been released yet and we're supposed to believe it's on the brink?

Yes, it got off to an awful start with its unfocused reveal and reversed policies, but now it really looks a promising machine. The PS4 is eclipsing it in terms of pre orders by virtue of its price, but both machines are set to do really well (Sony's machine especially) come November.

Here's wishing both companies success. The competition is sublimely fierce this time and we only serve to benefit from it.

Bring on the next gen.

HammadTheBeast1958d ago

Please show me some proof that "developers are excited" lol.

FrigidDARKNESS1958d ago

Simple, do you know thiat most developers showed their next gen on the xb1

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ThatKanadianKid1958d ago

I wasn't too worried about the Xbox One following the policy changes, but a lot of my friends still need re-convincing to get them on board. As soon as they hear the price difference between the two systems, and see the different games, they jump ship. Personally I want both systems for the best of both worlds, and Xbox One's lame policies are gone, but they need to totally reintroduce the system and show off more of their exclusives rather than the TV junk.

mcstorm1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

For me the games at e3 sold it to me. The tv side is nice to have but there were more games in the e3 line up I wanted. I think the one ps4 and Wiiu will all do fine this gen. I don't think any of them will have a start like the Wii did because of the higher price of the new gen consoles plus there are some of the big name games still on the ps3 and 360 come this Christmas time and because of that I don't see the ps4 or one hit high sales until Christmas next year.

I do see the Wiiu sales picking up this Christmas with the big exclusives on the way and I see them lowering the price to.

xReDeMpTiOnx1958d ago

They have to prove that they have huge blockbuster exclusives that will SPAN the lifetime of the console not be good and have only 3 series that are huge hits. They need to prove they have games not just quality but quantity

Nintendo and Sony for the past 2 generations have done the exact opposite of Microsoft and proved over and over they have exclusives that are diverse and last the console span.

punisher991958d ago

Exactly. I agree with you. People dont realize this. But microsoft always start off with a bunch of exclusives. The xbox1 had a bunch of exclusives back in 2002, the 360 had a bunch in 2005. And now looks like the xbox1 will again have a bunch to start. but will microsoft for once release a bunch throughout the generation like Sony and Nintendo does??

stage881958d ago

The real question is do we want to bring them back?

Belking1958d ago

We? They never went anywhere. Oh I forgot this is The gossip site of the industry.

stage881958d ago

Yes 'we' as in the core gamer. A ton of people are moving from MS to another platform next gen. Just look at all the comments on the popular gaming websites. This is a pretty big cause for worry for MS.

If you keep criticising N4G and its users why are you still here? There are plenty of other gaming websites out there. Off you go.

MysticStrummer1958d ago

Belking is one of those special people who insist N4G is the only place where negative opinions about the One exist, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Is MS dead in the water? No, but as things stand right now there's substantially more consumer support for PS4 than there is for One. No reasonable person would deny that.

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