Behind the Scenes of BEYOND: Two Souls – The Origins

Ellen Page, David Cage and others discuss what it takes to bring such an ambitious effort like Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls to life.

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1958d ago
ps3_pwns1958d ago

yep loved heavy rain I platinumed the game. couldn't believe how many different outcomes there were in that game. it was so exciting to. getting this game day one like I did heavy rain.

ps3_pwns1958d ago

ellen page that's mah girl! ps3 has even more blockbusters coming with huge big time actors like ellen page and William defo aka(green goblin)

this stomps all over that quntum break budget tv series bs lol.

xReDeMpTiOnx1958d ago

Another game I'm looking forward to.

CrossingEden1958d ago

glad to see that ellen page acknowledges that the majority of female protagonists today suck

RedHawkX1958d ago

This stuff that sony and cage are doing will bring video games to bigger and bigger stages. we have to keep supporting these innovative games to really make gaming grow even more.

i wish i was in this game so i could kiss ellen page lol. maybe they have a fan contest to be in dlc or something lol.

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