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Submitted by bhawk 942d ago | review

Mars: War Logs – game review (ActionRadius)

Mars: War Logs is a western action RPG set under the coat of Mars. The game opens up in a rather unique way by presenting the story or at least the setting on planet Mars via a NPC’s perspective as he is a prisoner of war and gets transported to a prison facility, while your own heroes entry is done in a mysterious way as he comes to the rescue of the NPC. (Mars: War Logs, PC) 6.5/10

ifritAlkhemyst  +   942d ago
Finally! This rating is about spot on. Nobody can satisfactorily justify this game deserves anything less than a 5. Yet almost every review I've seen of it on this website was between 2 and 4 out of 10.
bhawk  +   942d ago
agreed. Ppl have been too harsh on it i think. While it may not be best in all respects, it certainly has its fun elements
SilentNegotiator  +   942d ago
I thought this game got canned.

Doesn't look like I missed out on anything by not following it.

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