What's New in the Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

IGN: "The latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer - released today - reveals a few things we've never seen before, as well as showing what we already knew about in action."

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ShugaCane1988d ago

It looks like...100000 times more fun than GTA IV.

Grap1988d ago

and 1000 more than saints row IV

brodychet1988d ago

Wow, that is what I can an improvement.

Derekvinyard131988d ago

I was actually surprised at what these guys were able to achieve on this scale, for one the game looks fantastic, I've never seen a game that big visually look that good! And stocks now?!? Lets hope they raise the bar higher then when San Andreas did, looks unbelievable.

zeddy1988d ago

people who loved gta 4 obviously never played san andreas because it was a bigger game with more to do. quite frankly gta 4 was very repetitive. gta 5 however looks like it could be the best gta ever.

Abdou231988d ago

I wish there were some RPG & Squade elements, also own shops and stores to get steady income. Like other games do.

CrimsonStar1988d ago

lol what are you talking about its clearly 100001 times more fun than GTA IV

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tigertron1988d ago

I can only pray this comes out on the PS4, which is what I'm holding out for. Make it happen Rockstar! and don't forget the PC and XB1 too!

CrimsonStar1988d ago

It makes you wonder why they didn't wait a few more months to make it next gene . Think how awesome it would have been if it was built from the ground up for the PS4 and Xbox1.

Wni01988d ago

lock on shooting mechanics still looks like shit. quote from a gamespot review "monster hunter freedom would be a much better game with lock on." uh uh. that would be SO. MUCH. FUN.

Hazmat131988d ago Show
Gran Touring1988d ago

Loving the new Max Payne 3-style shooting mechanics

Wni01988d ago

lock on? yeah looks like it takes 5 seconds to master

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