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The Last of Us Sells 3.4 Million: Major Nelson Offers Congrats, 1 Min of Clicker, GOW Meets TLOU Art

As if all the amazing reviews and retail chart domination in the UK and Japan (for the first week at least) weren’t a big enough clue, Sony has confirmed that The Last of Us has sold a whopping 3.4 million copies as of July 3rd, meaning it achieved this number in just under 3 weeks. - PSLS (PS3, The Last Of Us)

darthv72  +   656d ago
This game
is what got my friend to drop some $$ on a PS3 this past weekend. It was tough for him as he recently sold off all of his games and systems due to bills.

But since he turned things around, he went and treated himself to a PS3 and copy of TLOU. Bravo ND...truly well done.
xHeavYx  +   656d ago
That Clicker sound still creeps me out, and Major Nelson's message was quite funny
izumo_lee  +   656d ago
Clickers freak me out but having a Bloater literally rip your face off is an image i will never forget about this game.

That 'generator' level is one i do not want to experience ever again....unfortunately i have to when i tackle it on survivor....(shiver).
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Septic  +   656d ago
Classy of Major Nelson. TLOU is a watershed moment in gaming as far as invoking emotion and displaying affectionate and realistic characters are concerned.
Sugreev2001  +   656d ago
Am I the only one who faced more problems with Runners than clickers and bloaters ?

Clickers and Bloaters are both intimidating as hell,but they become pretty easy after the first half. Of course,I mean playing the game on Normal difficulty.
BattleTorn  +   656d ago

Yeah I remember dying countless times at that part where you have to turn the genny on, and use the keycard....

I finally got past it by doing nothing but sprinting
gameonbro   655d ago | Spam
Rockstar  +   655d ago

I Just played that part. I did a lot of running and hiding and was able to kill all of them
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izumo_lee  +   655d ago
The first time i did that part i wasn't quite sure what to do. I found the generator & started it & all hell broke loose. Wasn't so tense & freaked out in a game for a long time, was shooting the shotgun at anything that ran in my path.

Unfortunately i had to reload the shotgun when the bloater came around the corner just before the escape area using the keycard & got my face opened up. I think i let out a load of curse words & dropped my controller due to the intense moment i just endured. It was FANTASTIC!!
Rockstar  +   654d ago
Yeah, I had my jaw ripped off a few times before I worked out a strategy. Running and shooting wasn't working for me.

But the more I play this game, the more I'm blown away by how good it is.
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ShugaCane  +   656d ago
Omg that clicker sound would make a perfect ringtone.
TrendyGamers  +   656d ago
Or the perfect thing to scare people who are alone in a dark room.
Reverent  +   656d ago
I have the Bloater as my ringtone. God, one of those things trying to rip your jaw off in the dark... *Shutters*
Majin-vegeta  +   656d ago
Lol i have it on my phone but it's not really long.Just download Zedge and type in clicker.Should be the first option that pops up.
Virus201  +   656d ago | Funny
Can I be blamed for throwing a brick at someone if I hear that ringtone come out of someone's phone?
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Minato-Namikaze  +   656d ago
No, i threw a shoe at my own phone when i heard it, lol
showtimefolks  +   655d ago
lol or empty bottle?
SmoothC911  +   656d ago
Agreed, but I'd bet my wife won't when she calls me and that's the ringtone lol
Wizziokid  +   656d ago
Well deserved for ND.
BattleTorn  +   656d ago
ND has most definitely earn themselves R* status, in my books - meaning I will buy anything they release without question!

j-blaze  +   656d ago
TLoU was top in japan just for one week, then it dropped to 8th place, probably nowhere in top 20 by now
TrendyGamers  +   656d ago
Top 20 usually bottoms out at about 3,000-5,000, so it should be around 15th in its third week.
HammadTheBeast  +   656d ago
Pretty much NO western game makes it into top 10 for more than a week in Japan.
hulk_bash1987  +   656d ago

You mad bro?
izumo_lee  +   656d ago

Sorry to disappoint you j-blaze, the game is in the top 5 for the 3rd week. Can't u give credit where credit is due? Don't be such a downer.
evenstar  +   656d ago
Do you have nothing better to do with your time? If you don't like the game then fine but if you could stop polluting every single mention of the game with your negativity that'd be great.
Benjammin25  +   656d ago
Why do you have to be such a massive pain in the arse?
Black-Helghast  +   656d ago
You must be so fun at parties
Majin-vegeta  +   656d ago
Do the sells include DD also or just physical?

I've been trying to get a copy since last week but all my damn places keep selling out :(.
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ILive  +   656d ago
Both. Its not a perfect game, but a truly amazing experience that all videogame enthusiasts should give a shot.
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evenstar  +   656d ago
The sales include Digital Download and physical sales.. trust me, it's worth the wait
pyramidshead  +   656d ago
No personapersons? He already banned? lulz :P
latincooker214  +   656d ago
lol i know right or personapersons having sleepy time idk lol. but WOW what a awesome game my vote for G.O.T.Y TLOU FTW:)
MuhammadJA  +   656d ago
TLOU is better than the whole Resident Evil series combined. :)
Mikefizzled  +   656d ago
Very bold statement. Resident Evil 4 on PS2 & GC was a masterclass of survival horror when it released.
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Imalwaysright  +   656d ago
What the hell are you talking about? RE inspired TLoU and RE4 is up there with TloU in terms of quality. Both RE4 and TloU are some of the best games ever made and I'm proud to say that I have both in my library of games.
Mr-SellJack  +   656d ago
Don't go there my friend ur talking about a franchisethat revolutionized a genre and evolved into crap where as TLOU and dead space followed suite the evolution with much better gamescopied their ideas and were heavily influenced.i!m srry but TLOU is no where near re4's lvl the japs revolutionized everything in games
Sevir  +   656d ago
Resident evil 4 was Brilliant for its time on PS2 and GameCube
If you play that game now on PSN and compare it to the first Dead Space and the Second on a Gameplay comparison, Dead space 1 and 2 mops the floor with it. That pause to shoot and no strafing automatically drags tells you this was a ps2/GameCube game... It certainly ushered in Cinematic gameplay experiences and revolutionized survival horror but ummm look at RE5, RE6 RE:ORC... Yeah... The franchise hasn't been itself since the PS2 era and it shows... The Last of Us certainly Takes everything that Resident Evil 4 Pioneered and Rockets it into the stratosphere... Capcom hasn't been able to do that for almost a decade. While Visceral and ND came along and took the genre to new highs...

And to J-Blaze, dude get over yourself, you call the last of us a giant escort mission but Resident evil 4 was the same damn thing if you wanna get technical. What you are is a butthurt hater, Capcom Tried to turn Resident evil into Uncharted after the man who created and reinvented the genre left the company, now RE has been nothing but a skeletal display of its former self trying to cash in on the popular franchises shine on their own merits.

Gamers and Critics... 3.4 million of them have said that The Last of Us was more Resident Evil than the last 4 resident evil games released. And that stands to reason. RE will always be a loved franchise as it was great but after 4, Lol yeah... Let's just stay at RE4 as that was its best moment, if you want a Survival Horror game Dead Space 1 and 2 and The Last of Us especially The Last of Us does the genre that Shinji Created justice Than any of the Drivel Capcom has released Post RE4...
Mr-SellJack  +   656d ago
My god r u kidding?Re4 urinates over dead space's face any day,i sold them due to poor replay value,10x the enemies,4x the story length,more weapons,much more open than dead space,dead space is a shooter compared to re4,much more haunting and scary.dead space is nowhete near Re4's league.ds is not better than re4 in any way, even in the gfx section,design,environment are leagues ahead of ds.sold dead space 2 because it was damn repetetive after finishing it once,shoot,shoot necromorphs,enemies are pathetic compared to Re4.i would prefer playing Re4 than any dead space.Re4 over ds any day.many last gens own games this current generation mgs ico and re4 aswell as ff are still amazing.
Imalwaysright  +   655d ago
"The Last of Us certainly Takes everything that Resident Evil 4 Pioneered and Rockets it into the stratosphere."

What? RE4 scope is much more ambitious than TLoU and its atmosphere is miles ahead of TLoU which I don't even consider to be a survival horror. The only thing that TLoU has on RE4 is Ellie which is imo one of the best characters ever made and its story which imo succedes only because Ellie is such a fantastic character.

Im sick and tired of seeing PS fantards dismissing 3rd party games just because they're not exclusive to a Sony console. RE franchise is the reason why you fantards get to play an awesome game like TLoU and instead of appreciating its legacy you idiots start dismissing what it has brought to this industry and worst of all question its quality. Its quite frankly disgusting.
TrendyGamers  +   656d ago
If you don't put RE4 into that group and judge them by today's standards, you could argue that.
TechnicianTed  +   656d ago
I'd have to agree really, although you have to put it into perspective. Resident Evil 1-4 were great for their times, then it started going downhill after that.

TLOU is the kind of game Capcom should have been striving to take the series to. But they didn't and Naughty Dog beat them at their own game, and then some.
j-blaze  +   656d ago
lol so a stealth game with big escort mission is better than RE?? you're either trolling or have a really crappy taste in gaming
evenstar  +   656d ago
Who's trolling? For somebody who dislikes this game so much, I see an awful lot of your 'opinion' about this game.
Kantankoras  +   656d ago
Acidentally hit the agree button, so discount 1 next time you're feeling good about yourself.

That said, this game isn't just a shooter, or stealth game, or escort mission. As a matter of fact, you spend maybe a combined 30 minutes actually 'escorting', and as much time BEING escorted. The AI handles itself and is NEVER a chore in this game, not anymore then you are to them anyway.

Seriously, this game was designed extremely deliberately. You find yourself thankful you had an AI partner the entire game instead of bogged down with protecting them. They protect themselves really well and you even better.
sic_chops  +   656d ago
Just another troll commenting on a game he hasn't played. Moving on. His loss.
DigitalRaptor  +   655d ago
This is just sad j-blaze. Sad.

Tell us why it's a big escort mission by naming me an extended part of the game where you, as Joel, escort Ellie because she's too hapless to fend for herself. Go on. If you've played the game, you know this isn't the case, especially nearer the end of the game.

Pathetic. And yes it is better than any Resident Evil game since RE4. If you'd read the reviews you'd know the reasons why. RE4 being worse is debatable, but at least the Last of Us doesn't have an incompetent escort like Ashley.

Kid, it's time to read something and take a bit in for once. It probably won't free you from your blinders, but worth a read anyway. http://www.projectcoe.com/2...


"have a really crappy taste in gaming"

PAHAHAHH. wow. You can tell someone's got personal complex issues when they say this.
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Roper316  +   656d ago
"SCE continues to be committed to delivering unique gameplay experiences that redefine the interactive entertainment industry and The Last of Us is a perfect example."

This is why I support the PS brand. Even with the new console just over the horizon Sony is still releasing amazing new IP's like TLOU. MS on the other hand hasn't released a new 1st party core exclusive in around 4 years.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   656d ago
Tlou IMO game of the generation.

I'm a grown man and I couldn't believe a video game brought emotions out in me, from the story tellig to the characters to gameplay and graphics everything screams polished!
Kratos_1986  +   656d ago
hear this from me here im officially :

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latincooker214  +   656d ago
well said Kratos heres bubbles to you my friend TLOU FTW:)
HOLLYWOODLAND   656d ago | Spam
izumo_lee  +   656d ago
It is well deserved for a game that not only is a new IP but one so late in a consoles life cycle with the next gen just around the corner.

Also it looks like that new advertising company that Sony hired is paying off. Well done to Naughty Dog, Sony & Playstation gamers for supporting this 'one of a kind' experience.
modesign  +   656d ago
the last of us will be able to fund the next 12 exclusives on ps3/ps4
b_one  +   656d ago
Clickers are easy, they sound and sometime act strange, but humans are more tricky.(hard lvl)
ChillOut707  +   656d ago
And Square Enix wasn't happy about the 3.6M sales of Tomb Raider
vigilante_man  +   656d ago
Tomb Raider is multi-platform and an established franchise. TLOU is a new IP.

But still good figures for Tomb-Raider!
Kantankoras  +   656d ago
All the sequel request are making me mad... As much as the world of TLOU was fantastic, and definitely could afford more exploration, imagine Naughty Dog taking that attention to detail, that story telling prowess, that passion and expertise to something else? Something new? A Space Opera? Or a Spy game? Or a Fantasy game?

I hate when talent is forced to sit still and do the same thing over.
TechnicianTed  +   655d ago
I agree. I think the game had a satisfying conclusion, it would be better to leave the game as it is really. I wouldn't mind some DLC to pad out some of the stories for the other characters, like Bill, or even David.
ajax17  +   656d ago
Still need to add my +1 sale. I hope I can get it soon!
TBONEJF  +   656d ago
king_george  +   656d ago
holy crap :o good job ND! ill be picking my copy up soon. its amazing how big naughty dog has gotten this gen alone. easily one of the best in the biz
Sugreev2001  +   656d ago
So deserving of every accolade.
Hueynewton2012  +   656d ago
Why does Major Nelson give a shit? Also why would Sony fans give a shit what about he thinks or says?

The fans and consumers who spent their hard earned money on this game are the only people who matter, fuck what Major Nelson has to say. If he wants to talk so much why doesn't he answer the question as to why so many Xbox 360's broke? He can start there.
darthv72  +   656d ago
believe it or not
but the suits on the other side of the gaming industry generally have respect for each other.

It shows there is more camaraderie than animosity.
GraveLord  +   656d ago
Major Nelson is kinda....annoying? I don't know if that's the right word but he shouldn't be around commenting on games on the competing platform, good or bad. Seems kinda attention-whore-y to me.
HOLLYWOODLAND   655d ago | Spam
Hakoom  +   655d ago
that clicker sound is taken from my channel
exactly the same file
should of given me some credit or posted my link instead

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