Nintendo: Third Party Hardware Company Needed

Frank loves Nintendo and owns a Wii U himself, as he has told people in many posts before this. However, when looking at the Wii U against the upcoming systems, it is just not as powerful as the competition

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-Mika-1839d ago

Nintendo is a stubborn company. So them teaming up with apple or any other company is not going to happen. So frank, l think you need to accept Nintendo dropping out of the console market. They just don't fit in anymore. If nintendo drops out the console race tomorrow. Most gamers would not give a crap. They would just go right back to playing their ps3 and 360. It the honest truth.

iplay1up21838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

LOL, Nintendo and Sega have teamed up with 3 exclusives for Wii U. Maybe Sega can point them in the right direction with Nintendo's next console. Dreamcast was ahead of its time. Also Nintendo owns the handheld market. As a 41 year old gamer who has owned every NES and Playstation out there, I would care if Nintendo dropped out. Now if Microsoft were to drop out I would care less.

Cmk01211838d ago

competition is good and right now nintendo isnt competion to sony in console market so for that matter MS helps there

dedicatedtogamers1838d ago

I don't think it's a matter of them dropping out of the console market. They just need to be...not stubborn. They've proven they can make hit consoles (NES, SNES, Wii) and they've also proven that they can weather the storms of unpopularity (N64, GCN, and Wii-U currently).

IMO, Nintendo does its best work on handhelds, but I'd be sad if they dropped out of the console race.

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PigPen1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Sony is skating on thin ice. Sold buildings for cash and has a junk status rating. Nintendo can be stubborn and don't need to partner with anyone. Nintendo has money in the bank, they write a few checks and open up new first party studios and be good. Nintendo has the best franchise then anyone. Mario has star power like Mickey Mouse. Take a game like killzone that sells less then 3 million copies worldwide. Mario Party does them numbers alone. It's incredible the amount of stuff Sony steals from Nintendo. If Sony goes bankrupt, they won't be missed. They're not being taken seriously now with a junk status rating, lol. Sony has already won this gen the fanboys say. That' what was said about the Vita, ha ha ha. What's most important is Microsoft and Nintendo has money, scratch, muya, green, Benjamins, Presidents, cream, debits, paper and anything else that's out there. What does Sony have? Lol

SpiralTear1838d ago

I've heard some folks say that Nintendo should go third-party and make software for other consoles, but from what you're saying, it seems like you find no value from Nintendo whatsoever, so they should cease to exist entirely. That's a brand new level of crap.

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PopRocks3591838d ago

They make more money making consoles. I doubt they want to pay other companies licensing fees when they are capable of developing their own hardware. Business wise, going third party is a stupid idea. Nintendo doesn't lose money the way Sega used to.

starfox791838d ago

There building more studio's now so what's the point of Apple ? they no nothing about real gaming ??

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Pancit_Canton1838d ago

So they would rather sacrifice the quality over quantity to meet the price cut range? Nintendo are turning into Microsoft.

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