Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Analysis: Running On The PS3, GTA: Online Tease, And More

MP1st - As promised yesterday, the moment that Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for, the folks over at Rockstar have finally released in-game footage of their highly anticipated sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto V.

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TOGC1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

no way, this looks unbelieveable for an open world title on current gen

Nitrowolf21986d ago

I know, I have a hard time believing it. Time will tell though, gametrailers did say it looked amazing on PS3

Septic1986d ago

I honestly thought it was running on PC, thinking there was no way it was console gameplay until I realised there is no PC version.

That really is insane. The visuals alone are outstanding. The scope of the game makes it even more insane. The attention to detail coupled with all that defies belief considering its current gen tech.

THEN, on top of all that, the switching between characters is done so seamlessly, it just doesn't make sense. THEN, think about all that and the open world nature of it and the multiplayer component of the game.

How is this even running on current gen tech??

xHeavYx1986d ago

Man, so many great games coming for the PS3, it will be hard to have a social life

brodychet1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I can't believe how great that looks.

That's what I call an improvement.

brodychet1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'll be buying this ASAP.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31986d ago

It's being built on PC hence the mouse controls at 4:28. All of the gameplay shown was not all on PS3. Any part that looks amazing is probably PC build that will be scaled down.

Kennytaur1986d ago

But will it have good fish AI?

PurpHerbison1985d ago

So I originally wasn't going to look... but you guys forced me and it looks exactly how you would expect a PS3 game to look at this current point in the gen. Not surprised one bit, but not to be confused. I am happy with what I did view.

1nsomniac1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

Rockstar claim on their official site this entire trailer was real time entirely from PS3. There was clearly no mouse control especially not at 4:28 when you can clearly see the emulated controller lag from the analogue stick controlling the animated cursor. I don't know whether your post is supposed to be a well hidden attempt at sarcasm or if you really are that stupid!?

gedapeleda1985d ago

HD videos always look better than in game because they're compressed so everything's sharper.
But it it looks great.

boing11985d ago

That makes no sense at all.

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Kanzes1986d ago

100% GOTY.. I just hope this game will be ported on Next-Gen

Valkyre1986d ago

^^ How about we play it first? It does look amazing, but there have been some amazing games this year already and it is not as easy as it looks like, to just go out and say 100% GOTY without even touching the controler...

Kanzes1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

This is GTA and Rockstar we're talking about.. almost all GTA games got an awards (some of it are GOTY's) and a really high score (GTA IV got 99% metacritic)

And after watched the gameplay trailer, I already convinced, this will success and will be my GOTY this year

ABizzel11986d ago

So far it's The Last of Us, but GTA5 looks like a strong contender to dethrone TLoU.


I don't care what no on says GTA 4 was not deserving of a 10/10 or 99 out of 100 on metacritic. Fans and journalist were sipping the next-gen kool-aid for that one. It's a good game, but it's definitely flawed.

strigoi8141986d ago

I think we just wait..for now maybe its gonna be a contender

Thatguy-3101986d ago

I can't see this executing the campaign more like The Last of Us. Serious the whole voice acting and acting between characters can't be match. However the city in this does look vividly beautiful. Seems like they learn a lot from what people didn't like in GTA IV

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Mr-SellJack1986d ago

Gfx are good but not mind blowing,just cause 2,farcry3 are much better colin from ign during a preview said that the gfx are great but look a lot on the same lvl as gta4 aswell as it's nothing special

gobluesamg1985d ago

Just Cause 2. Are you [email protected]#KING kidding me!?!

snipab8t1985d ago

GTA 4 was 100x as detailed and ai is much better with euphoria compared to JC2. Farcry 3 was pretty on consoles really but did not match the scope of GTA 5.

ps3_pwns1986d ago

Its the power of the ps3 did you not play the last of us :P.

mafiahajeri1986d ago

Maybe it's the PC version... Oh wait.

No Way1986d ago

I know it does, TOGC. It looks in-fuckin'-credible!
Thanks for the shout out, tho. =)

nnodley1986d ago

Yeah it does look amazing. But could you imagine how much more amazing it would look if it was ported to X1 and PS4. AMAZEBALLS!!!

plaZeHD1985d ago

The visuals aren't really impressive in my opinion, but the detail good God no game can match it.

showtimefolks1985d ago

i don't know why people are surprised how great it looks, Its RS games, they take their time and figure out the best way to use the tech and utilize their engine

i thought for sure Last Of Us will be my GOTY but after watching the trailer, i am extremely looking forward to it and very impressed

will buy last of us again on ps4 and will be GTA5 again on ps4 if ts gets a next gen release

great year to be a gamer

raWfodog1985d ago

Agreed, RS takes time and pride with their development and don't try to pump out a new GTA every 1-2 years (at least since San Andreas). You can see the steady improvement between GTA:SA, GTAIV, and GTAV.

Gamer19821985d ago

After TLOU are you surprised about the looks of this game? Saying that does it look as great as a game like that? I wouldn't say so.. Its looks decent but nothing better than what we have seen this generation. The main thing in this game seems to be content and a shed load of it.

iGamerZero241985d ago

It be on PS3 cause it has 8 GB install and it looks a lot like a polished RDR IMO....I'm hopeful it was running on PS3.....

Time will tell

RedHawkX1985d ago

Thats the power of the ps3 working for us gamers. only expect the ps3 version to look this good.

SnakeCQC1985d ago

devs like rockstar are the kings of optimisation and really know how to make games

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TrevorPhillips1986d ago

Going to get my GF to play this game. Looks insane!!

krontaar1986d ago

Was that first part necessary? This isn't your blog.

TrevorPhillips1986d ago

I'm just saying considering she loves GTA lol

trenso11986d ago

If she loves GTA why would you need to "get" her to play this game implying she wouldn't play it with out influence?

tee_bag2421985d ago

Are you going to chain her to the sofa and force her eyes open with matchsticks?

-GametimeUK-1986d ago

This is going to win some serious GOTY awards this year. Naughty Dog are going to have to take a back seat to Rockstar this year.

Mr-SellJack1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Stop the over hype ppl as if rockstar has ever won goty atleast once

Kanzes1986d ago

You're joking right? almost all GTA's games got an awards.. some of it are GOTY's.. I don't know the definition of your 'GOTY'.. But in some popular sites and the VGA, GTA franchise has won a numbers of GOTY and some awards

Mr-SellJack1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Ah shit can't believe I forgot rdr the masterpiece in 2010 but other than that 0.i mean as overall by critics,the gamecriticsawards and your claiming it as better than ND's TLOU?u must be kidding they made arguebly the best game ever that won most awards aswell as rockstar sam diego schools rockstat north

Derekvinyard131986d ago

Biscuit must be new to gaming, you only say something like that if your A. A CHILD, or B. never owned anything but a Xbox 360 or ps3. Did you grow up after the ps2 era

Mr-SellJack1986d ago

no actually I owned a ps2 and played the hell out of san andreas just pissed at people that love to overhype things and calling me a child?how immature ill make u a carrot if I ever see u.

MajorLazer1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

The amount of sales Gta has makes your comment irrelevant. SA sold over 18 million units on the PS2 alone and Gta IV sold well over 22 million units . Also, the fact that you'll make him 'a carrot' suggests you are very immature and are probably very young.

Derekvinyard131986d ago

Your wrong, last of us is great but when it comes down to two masterpiece games, what wins is the one that has more to offer. Last of us may have a 20 hour single player and good multiplayer, but you can't compare that to over 100 hours of gameplay. We have to wait and see. You can always delete your original comment cause you come off as ignorant, you fought with facts saying gta never won any awards

YodaCracker1985d ago

GTA IV and RDR both won countless GOTY awards, and GTA IV is still the highest rated game of this gen with a 98 on Metacritic.

Lvl_up_gamer1985d ago

@ biscuitlover

You mean like over hyping TLOU?

Game is good, but the story is extremely cliche.

I find myself just ducking and using the special hearing radar mode 90% of the time and extremely linear....etc.

Good game, not as great as the reviews are making it out to be. But good game non the less.

Sorry but TLOU is IMO over hyped. R* looks to have raised the bar and no doubt GTA V is going to win this years GOTY.

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Mr-SellJack1986d ago

Hmm that means cod is the best game this year and will win GOTY,u all have handled with the mad cow,oh sales=quality now?Don't be mad bros that u can't handle the truth,GTA never won GOTY ever across all sites overall because it offers nothing's a gr8 franchise don't get me wrong and one. of the best.Again with the immature?ur playing a game that has no purpose except mindless violence and granting u fun how old are u to play games?shouldn't u be raising kids or have a job?u got owned,adults who play games and put it ahead of their priorities are immature ones.good day sir

Zichu1986d ago

This year is just jam packed with amazing games. My wallet is on the fritz.

ps3_pwns1986d ago

yep mazing games all on the playstation 3. the last of us and now gta 5, soon beyond 2 souls, etc

MeatAbstract1986d ago

I'm getting this for PS3 but if it looks THAT good I will certainly microwave some crow and prepare to eat it.

Campy da Camper1986d ago

Agreed. I'm all for eating my hat if its true but that just looked too good. I'm thinking ps3 dev kit footage. Those draw distances and zero screen tearing are just too much for current tech. Hope I'm wrong though!