GTA V Will Have Stats Like In San Andreas

Check out this image from the new GTA V gameplay trailer that confirms the game will have stats like in San Andreas.

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ANIALATOR1361899d ago

I wonder if you can get fat or muscled again. Doubt it would be a funny feature

badboy7761899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

GTA V is everything GTA IV should've been.

YodaCracker1899d ago

No. GTA IV is what it should have been and GTA V is what it should be. We don't want the same game every time.

SemRex1899d ago

No Rockstar has said that you won't be able to change the characters' physique.

ANIALATOR1361899d ago

thanks for clearing that up :)

RE_L_MAYER1899d ago

they confirmed it awhile ago that you stay as it is,only things you can change is haircuts,tatoos,clothes

N7Lukas1899d ago

So glad they decided to return to the San Andreas formula.

RE_L_MAYER1899d ago

what I don't get is why franklin has the worst gun bar statistics-the other two guys have a ton of it but he has so little....he needs a buff

MajorLazer1899d ago

He looks to have the best 'Stealth' stat, which suggests that with him, the use of a gun should be less than the other two protagonists. The video shows a gun range, so i'm sure Franklin can increase his skill in shooting if need be

RE_L_MAYER1899d ago

I hope so because he is most favourite to me so im gonna be playong him