Top Ten Games That Can Save The Wii U

Kevin of writes: " The Wii U gets a lot of hate and I get it, the controller is big the system is expensive and there aren’t a lot of things that the Wii U offers that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can’t already do if not better. What Nintendo does offer that are different are games…well…they did. It took the Nintendo 3DS about two years to have games worth mentioning and chances are it’ll take the Wii U a couple of years to get there as well. There are great games like the new Super Smash Bros. (which better be cross compatible with the 3DS) and Bayonetta 2 (which is even awesomer) but what about some other games they didn’t mention? We can’t help but speculate (or make up) some games that if they came out, can save the Wii U. Here are the Top Ten Games That Can Save The Wii U."

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New Star Fox....please!