Did Microsoft Set Console Gaming Back 5 Years?

DRM is such a dirty word, and it’s almost always used with negative inflection. But what if DRM was actually not a bad word at all? What if DRM secured your rights to play a purchased game indefinitely, as well as reward the developers and publishers who worked tirelessly to get that game to you?

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Donnieboi1981d ago

But DRM is NOT the future of gaming. MS called it that, and people just ate that up. Sorry but the game industry does not begin or end with MS. They only had one successful console. If Sony and Nintendo don't go with DRM, then it's a no-go. And I hope it stays that way on consoles, forever.

iamnsuperman1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I think DRM does have a place in the future of gaming..... big problem was the way Microsoft went about enforcing the DRM was a bit dickish and just plain arrogant. I am not sure if DRM would work on consoles just yet but in the future? Yes I think it will (and like you said Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft would need to take the plunge together otherwise it will not work). In a way it needs to happen.

Donnieboi1981d ago

Personally I think that the way Windows and PS4 handles DRM is the best making it optional (only a game publisher can decide if each game will have drm). But for MS to enforce DRM on EVERY game is just plain wrong. If a publisher wants to take the risk of p!ssing off their fans by adding DRM, then go ahead. But don't hide behind xbox one's MANDITORY DRM. Each individual publisher should bare the fruits of his own individual drm policies.

Cmk01211981d ago

and drm wont work on consoles until its fully digital, they can undercut the retail stores they put there products in and entice gamers with digital steam like sales as long as physical media exist.

tiffac0081981d ago

If MS did not do a 180, then the X1 would only work on selected countries. If that is the future that DRM will bring, then it would be a sad day for gaming.

mewhy321981d ago

DRM is just another method for big brother to control things. I pay for a game I will do with it as I please. If I want to loan it that's my business, if I want to give it that's my business, if I want to resell it that's my business, if I want to burn it that also my business. I won't have big brother telling me that I can't do what I want with a game that I bought with my hard earned money period. That's why xbone is in such a quagmire now. No one can trust micro$oft and they know it. PS4 all the way is what I say. Forget micro$oft and the xbone with it's spy camera.

Darrius Cole1981d ago


No way in hell does DRM need to happen. It wouldn't work in consoles anyway.


Damn right! If I buy it, I own it, I control it, I decide what to do with it. If I want to use it as a coaster I will do that. If I want to swap games with you for no money, then I will do that, but only if you want to swap your game that you paid for...and control.


The problem with downloadable games, on consoles at least, is that they don't save the consumers any money. Disc-based games go down in price over time. Downloadable games keep the same price, seemingly forever.

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CrossingEden1981d ago

if DRM isn't the future then get ready for loads and loads of dlc and micro transactions so that companies can make a profit

MoonConquistador1981d ago

Make a profit you say? How many of these game companies are actually operating in the red?

I think what you meant to say was make even more money. Some games are turning over hundreds of millions of pounds in profit. That's still not enough for some people though is it.

Make a good enough game, sell it at the right price and you will get a profit.

Spending a tonne on advertising or poor concepts/programming leading to increased costs of development are not the fault of the consumer so why should we need to bear that price.

rainslacker1981d ago

You think those things wouldn't exist with DRM? No publisher is going to ignore a revenue stream. Most are adopting it now because it's a revenue stream, not because of lack of DRM.

YNWA961981d ago

DRM was nor right, but we are moving to always connected. If only they had made it possible to be able to work offline, with online always option available would be great. Never having to wait for a patch or update to load would be ideal right now. Maybe with new boss, things will change.

Darrius Cole1981d ago

People assume that disc-based & and other physical media for games is going out. I don't think so for consoles at least.

Video game file sizes keep getting larger and larger, and there is only so much bandwidth to go around. The 360 held game sizes back this generation. The Xbone will have a Blu-ray. I would not be surprised to see video games weigh-in at 50-60GB this generation. Downloading a game that size is going to take a lot of time even if your bandwidth cap will allow it. What if I want 2 games in one month?

We will always be able to easily get bigger file sizes by walking into a store and buying physical media.

Why do you think that Sony was willing to risk the PS3 for Blu-ray? They see money in it

hellzsupernova1981d ago

I think microsofts end goal is the future a steam like ecosystem but they just couldn't get the message across it was horrible pr no one could figure it out not even their front line men like don and major Nelson

Darrius Cole1981d ago

It's not a marketing mistake, there just is not way to sell what Microsoft was trying to sell. You can't rent something for the same price that you sell it for; everyone will just choose to buy it, and that is exactly what was happening. Everyone was lining up to buy a PS4 which would allow them to actually own the games.

But Microsoft did not make a mistake of marketing; microsoft had a bad product.

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Cmk01211981d ago

and even if we assume that this wouldve moved us forward the fans didnt want it so the fans would be to blame. i dont think that DRM is the future, digital is. and they cna still offer family plan for digital. microsfot needs to market themselves better

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1981d ago

No, they did not send gaming back 5 years. What a stupid article.

Mystogan1981d ago

Is this website beating a dead horse?

Cmk01211981d ago

the site has become fanboy central, every xbox article is either bashing it or rediculous like this. and every sony article is so fanboyed out its blatant as all hell.. With that said MS is crap at marketing

TalesofDalton1981d ago

I am platform agnostic just like the other writers at Fate of the Game. Games are all we care about. My piece isn't bashing anything Microsoft did or didn't do. I actually have no problem with DRM, and I think the Xbox One was on the right track for the future. But you said it yourself "MS is crap at marketing".

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