'Diablo III' transitioning nicely over to the PlayStation 3 - Examiner

There are always a number of things people worry about when it comes to a PC game hitting consoles, but from what has been shown off thus far, Diablo III is looking like it will be setting up quite nicely for the PlayStation 3.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns people may have with Diablo III on consoles is the game's menus. They can be handled one way on PC, but how they are implemented on a console is completely different. This is an area that could've been a deal-breaker for the game if people the developers didn't work it out.

We also had the chance to check out the four-player co-op experience.

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MWH1833d ago

marketing gimmicks. save your money for something deserving, this game is not worth it.

mattdillahunty1833d ago

Torchlight 2 will likely be going on a huge sale sometime during the Steam summer sale too. it's moddable, able to be played offline, highly praised, and i personally loved it. plus, it's not heavy on the system requirements, so even if you don't have a gaming PC you'll be fine.

go with that instead of Diablo 3.

Minato-Namikaze1833d ago

Is torchlight 2 on ps3/ps4 as well? I'd totally get it

mattdillahunty1833d ago


no, it's only on PC.

b_one1833d ago

Torchlight 1 was for free on GOG, nice game, WOW like but still cool Diablo feeling ;>

Robotronfiend1833d ago

I'll definitely play it on my PS3. For me Torchlight 2 and D3 isn't an either/or situation, I plan on playing both. I love my dungeon crawler, lootfest, Gauntlet-style games.

Thehyph1833d ago

I am excited about playing this game on console. I have questions though. Given PS4/XboxOne's significant increase in online functionality, (PS4 especially) is it better to wait until the next gen version of the game? I don't know of all the current information available to regarding Diablo III on console, but one would assume that some sort of carry over would happen if I were to buy both. I could very well end up buying both. Diablo on consoles CAN be done. My memories of the first game in the series are more fond of playing it on PSX than PC. Going to a friend's house to kick back and play couch coop was more entertaining than locally saved online characters with massive collections of ears because the character save was hacked to *bleep* and go around "pk"ing everyone.

Thehyph1833d ago

Additionally: I believe that a loaned local 'spawn' copy like Blizzard of the past did could be beneficial to sales of the game.

ThanatosDMC1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Diablo 3 is not a Diablo game. Do not get your hopes up. I did and bought two copies the day 1... it took me a week to get in then after 20+ hours of gameplay. I saw the end of the tunnel and stopped and was left with "wtf did i just buy?"

I suggest Path of Exile for your true Diablo needs. Hopefully, PoE will come to next gen consoles. I hope they add more content to the ridiculous amount of content it all ready has. I wish they add Ladder instead of Hardcore mode only. I want to not be such a spaz about keeping my character alive.

Edit: Btw, i do try to play Diablo 3 from time to time to try the updates but it's just like stabbing an old wound. The game was basically trying to go back to it's roots every update. The problem is that you'd have to be deep in Inferno mode and grinded lv60 several times to feel the change, which is like playing FF13's first 20 hours over and over again.

GhettoBlasStarr1833d ago

Of course there are better RPG's than D3 on PC's but not on consoles. I would love to have PoE & TL2 on consoles & if they do come out on This-Gen or the next I will buy them all day1

Thehyph1833d ago

That is unfortunate. At least all it really has to do is tide me over from it's release date until ps4 launch. Given how casual I am, that shouldn't be a problem.

@GhettoBlazta Same boat here, brother. I live for those loot based dungeon crawlers. It's truly a genre that console needs more of.

dredgewalker1833d ago

I think I'll pass on this one. Already played it on the pc and it's a bit of a disappointment. Diablo 2 is still a better game.

sorane1833d ago

Stay away from Diablo 3...bad game