US and UK PlayStation Charts: The Last of Us tops both sides of the pond

Sony has released the May 2013 PSN Top Sellers charts for both the US and UK, and The Last of Us topped the US combined charts and the Full PS3 game downloads chart in Europe.

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allformats1081d ago

PlayStation has always been about the games, man. Always. A proud heritage! That's why it's so awesome to see Xbox 360 owners making the jump! It's going to be an awesome GEN!

Prcko1081d ago

last of us breaking records all around,sold out everywhere

caseh1081d ago

I just saw it in my local Tesco, it's not sold out everywhere. :)

iamnsuperman1081d ago

I still need to get this game

Prcko1081d ago

same here,but money is a problem atm :/

j-blaze1081d ago

i suggest you rent it first or wait for the price to go down

garos821081d ago PersonalAttacksShow
Benjammin251081d ago

Actually I suggest you buy whatever Special Edition your country provides. A special game like this deserves a special edition.

sparta761081d ago

This is the best game I played this Gen...
Well deserve

RyanShutup1081d ago

I'll go a step further and say it's one of the best games I've played ever, and one of the best pieces of media (including books, movies, games, etc) that I've ever experienced.

It's a masterpiece, the bar is ridiculously high for other devs now... time to step it up!

LightningMokey1081d ago

I believe I put those exact words on another site lol. I agree 100% Calling it now Game of this Gen.