Lionhead Studios call on gamers to help design an achievement for Fable Anniversary

You can make your mark in Fable anniversary, in an awesome way.

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Mr_Nuts1985d ago

Problematic Hero - Have 8 kids without having a job and claim benefits while married to a tramp.

Jdoki1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

A couple of ideas...

Hobo Hero - Earned by completing the game without owning property, wearing basic clothing, and fighting with only the lowest quality weapons and no magic the whole game.

GG Lionhead - Earned when Lionhead release another AAA game. Means no one will be able to Platinum Fable Anniversary until that happens... which may be a long time!!

Smash that Disc - Earned for playing the majority of the game with low health, and putting up with that incredibly annoying 'Your health is low, do you have any potions or food' voice over comment every few moments!

ps3_pwns1985d ago

Fable is overated never understood the hype even when it was on the original xbox. I was like fable ehh ps2 got way better games so forget you fable.

blackstrr4111985d ago

Fable 1 isn't overrated. Play something before being a douche about it.

ForgivenZombie1985d ago

alchemy wizard -for combining 2 or more types os magic/spells

InTheLab1985d ago

You did it?- beat the only good Fable in the series!

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