PC version of Splinter Cell Blacklist is "shaping up to be something special"

In a recent interview with the Technical Lead Ubisoft Toronto, Leon O'Reilly, PC Games Hardware gets some indepth technical infos from the development of Splinter Cell Blacklist. The game features an improved game engine with DX11 features like tessellation and even more neat stuff like Nvidia's TXAA and improved Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion.

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JonahNL1984d ago

Let me guess, it has framerate issues, graphical glitches and a broken mouse/keyboard support, just like Conviction?

I'm not trying to be negative, but the last Splinter Cell port on the PC left a sour taste.

ATi_Elite1984d ago

Well I'm gonna pick this up on Steam when it goes on Sale (Not $60 but for like $30)

I'm always happy when a Dev takes a Multiplat game and goes the extra mile for the PC version. I had little interest in this game but after this read I'm gonna buy it or get it FREE with a GPU purchase.

WeAreLegion1984d ago

"shaping up to be something special" means absolutely nothing to any of us anymore.

Orpheus1984d ago

Ubishit always says such things. Dont get your hopes high just to get disappointed.