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Microsoft’s Lift London studio working on four F2P projects

Microsoft’s Lift London studio has confirmed it is working on four free-to-play projects that use connected devices and cloud features. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

PersonaPersons  +   440d ago
No surprise. Bow down to the king gamers.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   440d ago
Kind of tarnishes the kings Rep when he says things like

"Lift’s projects are “100 per cent first-party digital business working on tablet, mobile and connected platforms”."


“We should look to rethink what triple-A stands for,” he continued. “Triple-A is not about team size or budget or what device it’s on. Triple-A could mean addressable audience times ambition"
PersonaPersons   440d ago | Spam
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   440d ago
You joined 5 hours ago, made 70 troll comments and got ignored by 9 people so far.

You have no idea what credibility is.
US8F  +   439d ago
That is the best Comeback DayZ, good job.

Yea, I have been seeing more and more tunnel visioned fanboys doing exactly what personapersons did. "signed up recently, made lots of troll comments, downgraded sony, praised ps4". Same attitude as Microsoft, "if you can't beat them, insult them"

on topic though, F2p titles means it is coming to PC as well, lets hope they are not pay2win
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US8F  +   439d ago
Couldn't fix my typo

Edit:"signed up recently, made lots of troll comments, downgraded sony, praised Microsoft"
malokevi  +   439d ago
Hmmm... on the one hand, I love this news, because it means a lot more high-quality games for my RT Surface/XBLA.

On the other hand, one studio working on four F2P games simultaneously? They can't be AAA quality.... here's hoping at least one of them is an Xbox One multiplayer online game of some sort.

I don't really want to re-think what AAA means... unless they can deliver that AAA experience that I expect.

Then again, free...
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vega275  +   440d ago
MS is really coming with their A game.
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Ashlen  +   439d ago
The're tablet games. Yay for four new Angry Birds clones!

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Skips  +   439d ago
"100 per cent first-party digital business working on tablet, mobile and connected platforms".

"We should look to rethink what triple-A stands for," Schuneman said, describing what it means to be a 21st century studio. "Triple-A is not about team size or budget or what device it's on. Triple-A could mean addressable audience times ambition. It's about quality and audience scale."

LOL! So tiny Tablet/Smart Phone games are considered Triple A to Microsoft now... XD

Reminds me of some of the games they showed at E3 they tried to pass off as "Triple A"...

Below, D4, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Crimson Dragon, LocoCycle... lol

EDIT: And I agree with what Kenny_Baker said. The first commenter in the article. XD
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   439d ago
lol only because of strong competition. Without PS4, these will not happen. Indie policy had been lifted up, they took a 180, and now this to justify what PS4 has to offer with their line-up of F2Ps. (there are probably more other reasons that i can't think of right now.)

Can you imagine, there's no PS4? M$ would have monopolized everyone. you can Hate all you want, it's still true.

But it's good though, because competition is healthy for both sides.
Mystogan  +   439d ago
Lift London was created for this purpose long before the X1 or the PS4 was announced.

joystiq.com/2013/01/10/micros oft-uk-names-new-studio-lift-lo ndon-shuffles-executives/
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   439d ago
Awesome news to hear.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   439d ago
That's cool ms is coming out with f2p titles interested to see how they turn out.

Can't wait to see if they are good compared to dcuo and planet side 2
NYC_Gamer  +   439d ago
I'll play any game long as its quality
1lawrence  +   439d ago
its not free to play when u need to play for xbox live
XtraTrstrL  +   439d ago
LoL, exactly. And you know they aren't gonna ever change that to compete with PS4's free2play that remains outside the PS+ paywall. Knowing Microsoft, these will be the worst cases of free2play\pay2win games.
Mystogan  +   439d ago
World of tanks is coming to Xbla for free, there are a few more free titles coming. Like project spark. And 2 games for free each month with gold.

They offer free unity tools for developers who make exclusive games for Xbox One and 360. and give away shit for free regularly at their conferences.

You do not know Microsoft kid.
XtraTrstrL  +   439d ago
Yeah, and the creators of World of Tanks are throwing a hissy fit, because it's still gonna be behind the Xbox Live Gold pay wall. You can't play free2play games for free on Xbox, you still need Gold. That's the point of what I'm saying, kid.
Zichu  +   439d ago
Neither are the Instant Game Collection through PS+...
XtraTrstrL  +   439d ago
The PS4 Free2Play games coming, War Thunder, Planetside 2, Warframe and Blacklight are all going to be free to download and free to play online (without PS+). There will be many more f2p games coming to PS4 that will also sit outside the PS+ paywall.
IcicleTrepan  +   439d ago
is there much left of that dead horse that you're beating? surely it's just bones by now.
ramtah  +   439d ago
Good for them, im still getting my Ps4
True_Samurai  +   439d ago
Good job Timmy for expressing yourself *pats you on the back* I'm getting the Xbox one
Mystogan  +   439d ago
Same here
maniac76  +   439d ago
Oh.so none of the aaa games didnt have wot he said.they just tryn to reskin there thoughts of f2p cause its the in thing.free is only awezome without in game purchases. More cookie cutter games pahleze.opps wot isnt cookie cutter without its few tweaks here and there to make et 'diff/ lawz
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True_Samurai  +   439d ago
Got d@mn my IQ dropped by 100 after reading that
Belking  +   439d ago
Great. keep bringing the games MS.
Stryfeno2  +   439d ago
Xbox one day one
TheGrimReaper  +   439d ago
Are these part of the mentioned exclusve games???
The number would be reduced by four just with this announcement o.O

And will it be like PS4 F2P titles? You won't have to be PS+ member to play these games. Do we need a gold membership for these games?

Not trolling, just questions...
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dazzrazz  +   439d ago
Did you bother reading the article ? Those are tablet cell games
TheGrimReaper  +   439d ago
Yes I did bother reading the article:

"We're working across ALL Microsoft platforms, powered by the cloud, delivered to the connected audience," he said"

Therefore my question if these titles are related to the announced exclusives...

Even the tags of the article state 360 and One :/
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Mystogan  +   439d ago
Probably just one is for Xbox One.

Windows Phone version
Windows 8 version
Xbox 360 version
Xbox One version

It doesn't count because they only counted exclusives that are only coming to Xbox One.
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TheGrimReaper  +   439d ago

"It doesn't count because they only counted exclusives that are only coming to Xbox One."

I've thought so but wasn't sure if I remembered that part (of the E3 presser) correctly.
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Mr-SellJack  +   439d ago
Wow how embarrassing,primal carnage is going to be beast on ps4
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   439d ago
Don;t support Free 2 play on any system guys... it is the worst thing to happen to the video game market since the crash in the 80 because of Atari...

Just don;t... all you are is cannon fodder for those that pay and those that pay, pay t win simple as that.. and the price is a rip off and it i will lead to cheap cookie cutter games..

So just don;t ... tell other to stay away if you can convince one extra person than that is great... Cause this is the absolute worst thing for CONSUMERS next to DRM...

Nothing is every Free..
Mystogan  +   439d ago
no its not. Most free to play games let you play the game to the end. You can only purchase faster XP packs to level faster and cosmetic shit.

Most f2p games are pretty fair.

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