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Peter at El33tonline writes:

"I love the concept of asynchronous multiplayer because I find myself incapable of performing enough communication and planning to have myself and my friends being on our PlayStations at the same time, all playing the same game. I also love racing games, from Mario Kart to Need for Speed to Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. DriveClub sits somewhere in the middle of those in terms of mechanics – perhaps most similar to PGR on the arcade/realism spectrum."

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OliverKO1986d ago

What makes you say that? Have you played it yet?

starfox791986d ago

Look at it gosh its aweful,did they decide to start making it last year because gameplay is not there sorry...?

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latincooker2141986d ago

the only 2 trolls on here that sucks is you and personapersons that was i was told by your friends them other Xbots No limit and FAKE ninja im just passing the message PS4 FTW:) and keep the hate coming boys.

mcstorm1986d ago

This game could be interesting and it seems to be Sony's Answer to Forza Horizon which for me was the best game of last year.

g-nome1986d ago

My first play of Motorstorm on ps3 seven years ago was epic , hope to get the same feeling again.

remanutd551986d ago

What we need is a Motorstorm ps4 title.
Next Gen Lunatics Unite!!!!!

weirdo1986d ago

i am so pumped for driveclub. i do hope the next motorstorm looks like the sony 2005 tech demo: