Ninja Theory hiring for AAA game, despite closing down part of their site

It seems that despite what happened yesterday, Ninja Theory are alive and well

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Baka-akaB1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Not that i wish them to closes and people to lose their job , but it amazes me how they are still in business while lining up commercial flops after flops .

wishingW3L1837d ago

all their games selling less than Heavenly Sword.

Aery1837d ago

Their games reach almost the million sales wise, so I don't really call those numbers "flops".

Probably at NT are smart enough to not waste money :)

zerocrossing1837d ago

Just how are NT still afloat anyway?

Any other developer would have gone into liquidation by now, but here we have a dev team with one pretty decent game and two disappointing flops under their belt yet they're still going strong. I can understand keeping a talented studio afloat but NT have yet to truly prove themselves competent developers, what's going on here?

Baka-akaB1837d ago

Their only million selling game is heavenly sword , wich they felt didnt sell enough , by their own words . They just managed to each time grab the interest of a different big publisher , but should the trend continue they will have troubles one day .

zerocrossing1837d ago

Exactly, so why are they still around when so many better devs have gone the way of the Dodo?

It just strikes me as a little odd, I mean they aren't bad devs but they haven't done anything that would justify their company getting a free pass to continue developing games.

fei-hung1837d ago

I think NT are very good at managing money. In their costs, I'm sure they include contingency budgeting to keep them going for some extra time after their current project had wrapped up.

Although I dislike Tameem as an individual and am not a fan of the new DMC, the blame for DMC squarely lies with Crapcom. They requested it and pushed it along. The buck stops with them.

They need better PR, Tameem doesn't do the team justice. Had DMC been a new IP, it would have done much better in my opinion and clearly they do have some talented staff.

Hopefully they will have learnt some lessons from DMC that they take onboard fur their new game and hopefully it will lead to a better relationship between them as a developer and us as gamers!

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TheEnigma3131837d ago

Ninja theory would be such a good company if they checked their egos a bit. Their constant arrogance pisses gamers off. Let's see how they handle their next project.

CrossingEden1837d ago

Ninja Theory didn't have an "ego" until DmC, where they were constantly harassed and attacked on a daily basis -_- and then gamers pretended to be the victims when NT made subtle jokes about them, and now the devil may cry fanbase is up there with the sonic the hedgehog and metal gear solid fanbases for most annoying and whiny

TheEnigma3131837d ago

Ummmmm didn't ninja theory attack sony after heavenly Sword only sold 1.5 million? And they blamed gamers for enslaved not selling. You must haven't been paying attention the last few years.

Baka-akaB1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

That's bitter revisionism for you . Some people are so up in their lalaland that they now wanna pretend the only issues came up with DmC . Oh well whatever , at least they've got a culprit to blame it all on .

zerocrossing1837d ago

Whoa whoa whoa! hold the damn phone there, gamers played the victim? no, that's just not true.

NT received abuse because they chose to upset an established fanbase by butchering DMC, insulting the original developer, the established cannon and the fanbase! I already commented months ago about how stupid and childish those gamers were for sending death threats and spout constant abuse, but NT played the victim here by milking the abuse for sympathy.

And it worked, they made it look like they were just trying to make a great game but all the "whiny fans" wouldn't shut up and let them get on with it, well they made their damn game and it flopped hard even after getting rave reviews from pre-embargo reviewers, just like we knew it would.

CrossingEden1837d ago

@zerocrossing, ninja theory NEVER insulted the original developer of the game, EVER, you are a liar and/or took something they said out of context
-capcom told them to change the game and give it a different feel, that's not butchering, it's just not dmc 3.5 like dmc4 was
-1.1 million sales is not a flop, especially for a hack and slash game which are cheaper to make then say the last of us or tomb raider
-they weren't milking the abuse for sympathy, they never said, "we're afraid of them now," they were just stating the fact that it happened
-there are so many references to the original canon, which btw, isn't a very good or original story to begin with, if you read between the lines and thankfully, this person saw through the rose tinted glasses and made a 40 MINUTE VIDEO of the REFERENCES and SIMILARITIES
and the reception proved that it was a great game, especially since people are still playing it if you look at the leaderboards
-and yes, gamers whining about jokes like the wig joke are them playing the victim
-if you think that NT didn't put all their effort into DmC and that it doesn't show then you are blinded by nostalgia, because unlike in games like metal gear rising or god of war, you can do this in dmc
so not only do you get a satirical comic book esque story, much better platforming and colorful level design, but you also get almost the same combo potential as the originals, if that's not a good thing that i don't know what is

JoySticksFTW1837d ago

People liked Heavenly Sword, and begged NT for a sequel.

NT arrogantly said that it's not worth their time because it didn't sell enough. And It's still their best selling game.

Then NT talked crap about Uncharted 2's animation (yeah, goty Crazy awards Uncharted 2) while claiming their own game Enslaved was better. And while I like the game, it can't compete with Uncharted and flopped hard.

Then NT ignores the DMC fanbase (the ones who would most likely buy their game) while making dmc. Yeah, NT. That makes perfect sense. Why would actual fans of the game know what they want to see in a DMC reboot?

I've said before that people may take to their games more if NT could manage to shut their mouths. Their PR helps strip away any goodwill toward their game and consumers (not reviewers who get their stuff for free) judge harshly.

Sucker Punch changed Cole's look back to the original and fans love them for it. But oh no, not Ninja Theory. They'd rather insult the fanbase instead.

NT missteps EVERY game. Those who think NT's screwed up relationship with fans only began recently with dmc are misinformed or lying to themselves.

NT, we want to enjoy your games. Just shut up, so we can. They are simply too many other choices out there for gamers to pick up without you turning us away.

Baka-akaB1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"-1.1 million sales is not a flop"

1.1 million for a devil may cry game , a known and popular franchise is a flop . It's an highly marketed title that had the full backing of the press .

besides it didnt even do 1.1 millions , those were shipped figure . Actual Sales are way lower .

Not going to bother with the others points , it has been adressed ad nauseum ... and we arent going to convince each other

However you spin it , the game didnt receive the support expected from gamers .

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hulk_bash19871837d ago

[email protected]$k Ninja Theory, they have some talented people but their mindset and attitude is pure garbage.

Tyre1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I don't get it...why do their games flop? Bad timings? Heavenly Sword was a great game and sold well, Enslaved was astounding and quite unique, but released at a bad time. They were also ahead of the curve with motion capture and convincing facial capture & emotions. The 1st to work with Andy Serkis and capable of making great stories. I so want them to succeed because i'd love to see what they will do on NextGen. This a developer that is one of the best in the world. It is sad that they tried to reboot a well established franchise, bad choice. They should have kept doing their own thing. I hope they will survive this lull period until the NextGen kicks off. I love their games.

Redempteur1837d ago

maybe , just maybe they aren't great games to begin with.

When a company only manage to provide good to average games AT BEST , i'm looking forward to develloppers that can deliver when i'm paying That much to play it not to them.

pr0t0typeknuckles1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Maybe they dont make great games,heavenly sword was the only game they made that was really good,but enslaved,please ive played a lot more games with a similar concept but executed a 1000x better,their first game for xbox was a mediocre mess of a brawler its not even funny how bad it was,and DmC was a decent game but when you try to say that the game is better than the real DMC,god of war and bayonetta which is the real new DMC by the way,you look like a d!$k,think about it if a company is releasing stellar game after game then there name should catch on but ninja theory doesnt really make these amazing games,like I said heavenly sword was the only good one and that was because if the story only the gameplay was a little varied but the main combat was very shallow,enslaved has a similar story and general concept as prince of Persia,and ico,but those games pulled it off way better,story wise and gameplay wise enslaved had mediocre combat and platforming,and DmC like I said decent but not as good as DMC1&3,and definatly not as good as god of war,ninja gaiden,bayonetta,or mgr revengeance.

Tyre1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

@prototypeknuckles You either like their games or you don't, it seems. I like the whole atmosphere of their games. I do not compare their games to God of War etc. nor did i mention that in my comments. I just like the artistic value and effort of their games, no game is perfect.

tetsuhana1837d ago

These guys must want to go broke. When you haven't made a single commercially successful AAA title in 3 tries, maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board. Their games are good, but always missing something.

Modi19841837d ago

i like NT games .. but hiring them for a famous franchise
not a good thing .. new IP a is good choice and hope they
doing it right.. cuz they have one of the best art designers.

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