PlayStation’s best reboots – the games that came back same but different

OPM: You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect people to like it every time. Games that don’t change die (eventually, honest). Some, however, have comeback better after a little break and a rethink. People might not like a new hair cut here, or a tweaked combat system there but usually it’s for the best.

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1986d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1986d ago

I have to say Tomb Raider, Castelvania:LOS, and DmC are the best Reboots I played this gen. Had a ton of fun with all 3.

fsfsxii1985d ago

Tomb Raider felt like an Uncharted game but with a girl this time, which is ironic, because some people used to call Uncharted a tomb raider but with a dude. It left everything that made Tomb Raider tomb raider.
Castlevenia i didn't like it personally.
DmC was just bad.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1985d ago

Fair enough to say. I probably like them more than most long fans because I was very loosely attached to each series.

Previous Tomb raiders I had barely had a chance to play. So I was never rlly attached to the series. This new one I got from my friend and thought it was pretty awesome despite similarities with Uncharted.

DMC the only DMC I played and beat before this reboot was DMC4 so once again not to attached to the series. I got my hands on DmC and I personally had more fun with it than DMC4.

Castelvania:LOS first in the series Id played. I thought it was a great game. It made me want to pick up a few previous titles. I ended up buying SOTN and Aria and Dawn of sorrow.

wishingW3L1985d ago

TB's reboot was much more violent and the environments were bigger. But like 90% of the gameplay was all taken from Uncharted, and not to mention the cinematic approach.

People often say that Uncharted copied the old Tomb Raider games but beside a vague premise about treasure hunting they are nothing alike. Not in gameplay, presentation or story-line. Uncharted was obviously inspired by Gears of War, Prince of Persia and movies like Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone.

Tontus1985d ago

Agree with Tomb Raider (enjoyed it more than UC1/2/3, I really like UC2 btw) and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (one of the best games in the genre ever). Both of those games are absolutely brilliant. Never into both series until the reboots and now I'm a huge fan who's excited for the future of both series.

Have never played a DMC game before nor the DmC reboot so I can't comment on that game, it doesn't look as bad as people make it out to be though. Will buy at a bargain bin price (around £5-£10) and give it a fair chance.

mgszelda11985d ago

I still want to know what made dmc a bad game to ppl. It had some of the most fluid kind of combat system and tons of enemy variety. this game just got a bad wrap.
Lords of shadow was to me the first truly good 3d castlevania

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Hanso1985d ago

-combat was childs play compared to DMC3/4
-also Bosses were very weak in DmC
-Color coded enemies in DmC wtf?!
-No styles anymore like swordmaster gunslinger ect.

wishingW3L1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

don't even waste your time. This has been explained thousands of times already and if he still doesn't understand it's because he just doesn't want to understand.

Even on Ninja Theory's forum of DMC people were still complaining about why the game sucks and that's probably why they closed it up. At this point they can't do crap anyway.

mgszelda11985d ago

It has the least clunky combat mechanics I've personally experienced this gen.
Diverse weapons. First dmc i loved all the melee weapons. For once the gloves worked perfect and creating enemies required u use them. The fact they weren't clunky helped immensely.
Lock on and style being gone kind of sucked.
And another thing the story was actually decent.
Dante acts pretty much the same as he did in 3.

The biggest gripe ppl had was his hair. Even i was pissed but it's platinum by the end.
The story was much better constructed footer the first time. I would assume mostly bc Japan can't do a story without cliches most the time