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BLOODMASQUE Allows You to Create A Character by Using Photos

A feature of BLOODMASQUE is that players can create characters using their own photos, and details of character's face such as the face-line, skin color, hair style and the hair color etc can be edited even when completing creating. You can also chose the gender as female although you're a man in fact. Of cause you can choose the preset faces provided by game as you wish. (Bloodmasque, iPad, iPhone, Mobile)

Abriael  +   569d ago
This is amazingly old news lol
MilliJack   569d ago | Spam
porkChop  +   568d ago
How is this new? There have been many games this generation that let you do this. It's in no way a new feature.
Allsystemgamer  +   568d ago
Not new tech. R6V2 had this feature. Although I looked like a crack baby it still used it.
kewlkat007  +   568d ago
We'll see more devs take advantage of this with the Xboxone Kinect..which comes with every console.
r21  +   568d ago
The thing is...this isnt bout Kinect, its about a mobile phone game.
kewlkat007  +   568d ago
I'm talking about that technology related and what makes this possible...

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