BLOODMASQUE Allows You to Create A Character by Using Photos

A feature of BLOODMASQUE is that players can create characters using their own photos, and details of character's face such as the face-line, skin color, hair style and the hair color etc can be edited even when completing creating. You can also chose the gender as female although you're a man in fact. Of cause you can choose the preset faces provided by game as you wish.

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Abriael1839d ago

This is amazingly old news lol

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porkChop1839d ago

How is this new? There have been many games this generation that let you do this. It's in no way a new feature.

Allsystemgamer1839d ago

Not new tech. R6V2 had this feature. Although I looked like a crack baby it still used it.

kewlkat0071839d ago

We'll see more devs take advantage of this with the Xboxone Kinect..which comes with every console.

r211839d ago

The thing is...this isnt bout Kinect, its about a mobile phone game.

kewlkat0071838d ago

I'm talking about that technology related and what makes this possible...