LGA: List of upcoming Wii U exclusive games

The Wii U has gotten a lot of flak lately because of the lack of sales and software for the system. While both of the problems are a reality for Nintendo’s struggling platform, you can always count on Nintendo to release games that truly flip the page.

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3-4-51983d ago

decent list. Still missing a few games we all want, but it's more games and that is exactly what Wii U needs.

starfox791983d ago

Half of them games will make the cut,it's all about 3rd partys putting Sony and Microsoft 1st as they have looked after 3rd partys over the years with providing the right hardware now Nintendo have caught up they still have to prove themselves to half the western devs,japenese 3rd partys are on board.

francknara61983d ago

By far the best line up of exclusives.

greenlantern28141983d ago

Best list is an opinion.
Wii u fitness yawn.
Wii u party yawn.
Rayman is not an exclusive anymore.
Zelda remake.
Imo wonderful 101 and Mario cart 8 are the best games on the list. Pretty sure the last one pokemon is wishful thinking.