Analyst Predicts Battlefield 4 Will Sell 14 Million Copies

Arvind Bhatia from Sterne Agee has recently given a prediction that Battlefield 4 will sell 14 million units during its fall launch.

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CaEsAr-1290d ago

Why not? BF3 sold more than 15m..

MYSTERIO3601290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

While i do believe BF4 will sell 14 m or more eventually i have a hard time believing it will this fall launch. Especially if you consider all the great games that are launching later this year also.

PersonaPersons1290d ago ShowReplies(10)
gameseveryday1290d ago

And they say the 'gaming industry is in decline'.

Fishy Fingers1290d ago

They don't "say", it is. At least with AAA titles. One success story doesn't make up for the horde of games that failed to turn a profit. Studios are in decline.

Hopefully the next gen buzz, and with better support for smaller indie titles will help reinvigorate the industry.

WeAreLegion1290d ago

Maybe they should release better games?

fsfsxii1290d ago

Or maybe pubs should stop blowing budgets and be reasonable and have reasonable expectations.

andibandit1290d ago


"Maybe they should release better games?"

GameStop has their money

brich2331290d ago

BF3 according to VGchartz sold 15.77million, and that might not include digital sales. Its highly likey that Bf4 will sell over 16 million. Its going to be on Xbox 360/One, Ps3/4 and Pc.

kewlkat0071290d ago

At the end of the day...System seller...

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