Destiny: Building the E3 Reveal

Have you seen the worldwide gameplay reveal for Destiny? Explore Old Russia again (or for the first time). Your Fireteam for this mission will be three of the artists who led the charge to build that brave new world. Experience the adventure that unfolded at E3 through their eyes, and get to know some of the people who are making this game

They are:

Ryan Ellis, Technical Art Director
Marke Pedersen, Environment Art Lead
Michael Zak, Senior Art Lead

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Benchm4rk1986d ago

If only this game was a launch title for next gen. I don't wanna wait til next yr to play it

Dunpeal1986d ago

same here. I'm pretty pumped for this title too!. This and The Division look to be really cool social games

Dunpeal1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )