Sony confirms 'The Last of Us' sales pass 3.4 million, "fastest-selling PS3 title of 2013"

Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed today that the global sales of PS3 exclusive ‘The Last of Us’ has exceeded 3.4 million units as of July 3rd. This sales figure was achieved in less than 3 weeks since the global launch on June 14, 2013.

The PS3 exclusive was released to almost perfect scores across the board and, “surpassed all sales expectations to become the fastest-selling PS3 title of 2013,” according to Sony’s press-release sent out this morning (Tuesday)

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CaptainSheep1901d ago

This makes me so happy. :'D
Congratulations, Naughty Dog!

LOL_WUT1901d ago

This game is a masterpiece and i'm glad it's paying off congrats to ND ;)

RyuCloudStrife1901d ago

Very awesome news this game deserves the sales I'm sure it will keep selling maybe past 5 mil

Dee_911901d ago

wow not even out a full month
I just started playing on hard+ a few days ago,my 3rd playthrough to waste time til my 2 friends finish theres so we can do mutiplayer together.

Skips1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )


Who says new IP's don't sell this late in the cycle??? XD

Goes to show the dedication that Sony has for their CURRENT CONSOLE... By not stripping away awesome games just to try and fluff up their next gen launch lineup...

Looking forward to what Naughty Dog has in store for PS4!

EDIT: Let's hope Beyond Two Souls, another new IP sees similar success.

jc485731901d ago


that would be EA.

Rumor1901d ago

And they're still missing my purchase I'm sure I'm not alone.... Just, the funds won't allow me to get it yet. It's still one of my most anticipated games to play this year and all these perfect scores are really torturing me x-)

NewMonday1901d ago

3.5m x $48 = $168 million

not bad

TheUndertaker851901d ago

@Rumor: Same for me. I could rent it out of Redbox but don't want to miss out on the multiplayer. Just waiting to get the cash to grab it at retail. Everyone I've talked to has raved about it.

Anon19741901d ago

Finally broke down and decided I'd make the time to play this game even though I have a fairly busy schedule. At least, that was the plan. Quickly discovered that it's still selling out all across my area and haven't got my hands on a copy yet. Hopefully it'll be back in stock tomorrow though, if I'm quick enough to grab a copy. :)

SolidStoner1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

the best part is that I still dont have it.. (jk) Im working, and dont have time..

but I will get it next week.. so count me in :))

+1 to that long list! :D lol

zeee1901d ago

It's safe to say that this game's lifetime sales will hit at least 5 million. To be honest, it deserves even MORE! Such a wonderful start to a brand new IP!

Mainsqueeze1901d ago

Game deserves more sales lol Naughty Dog are the masters.

nix1901d ago

this is what the industry should be doing... making great games instead of trying to collect money via DRM and other means. if you make great games people will certainly buy it.

congrats ND.

MikeMyers1901d ago

This is good news. We want new ip's to do well. What we don't want are quality developers like Naughty Dog who get stuck or forced into creating the same franchise because they are a hit like Uncharted.

So that argument that they should only release new ip's on new hardware is a myth. Dishonored is another game that was good and did well.

SilentNegotiator1901d ago

Impossible! X4Lyfe informed me that ps3 gamers don't buy games!


QuickdrawMcgraw1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Yes Mike I am sure you think this is good news....I know there are more exclusives coming for the PS3,but I seem to have missed the 360 exclusive games that are coming.Could someone fill me in please.Or point me to a site.

MikeMyers1900d ago

"Yes Mike I am sure you think this is good news...."

It is, didn't I just say that? Naughty Dog is one of the best developers out there and new ip's are always welcomed. You see, unlike a lot of people around here I can say positive things about games on various platforms because it's the games that matter most.

"I know there are more exclusives coming for the PS3,but I seem to have missed the 360 exclusive games that are coming.Could someone fill me in please.Or point me to a site."

Apparently you can't. I must have missed where this topic was yet another console war fanboy fest.

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IMightBeRetarded1901d ago

Looks like Yu and I finally agree on something.

Hicken1901d ago

I see what Yu did there.

Lovable1901d ago

On my third playthrough right now on Survivor +. It's still as good as when I first played it.

Toon_Link1901d ago

That's awesome to hear... I'm about 50% through my first play through on Survivor difficulty and I'm loving every minute of it. Usually I don't replay a game right away but this time I just had to.

I hope everyone is having as much fun playing this game as I did. And grats to ND for making and amazing game.

ArchangelMike1901d ago

I'm on my third play through as well, survivor+ and the game still shines. Well done ND, much deserved praise.

ps3_pwns1901d ago

yep and guess what when ps4 comes out they will only get more and more awesome. more power, more awesomeness, more everything.

Thatguy-3101901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Wow that's amazing. Every developer should take a look. Insomniac, Ninja Theory etc. Only because you go multiplatform doesn't mean more sales. Make a good compelling game and people will flock to it and praise the hell out of it. Good word of mouth is what got this game to where it's at. It has now stapled Naughty Dog as one of the best developers in the industry. Crazy that it sold more than Bioshock infinite even though that was multiplatform. Happy for NAUGHTY DOG and Sony.

FelicityOldGamer1900d ago

Amazing huh ? ND is the shit! :)

omni_atlas1901d ago

Awesome game, just finished it a few days ago.

I'm trying to get into multiplayer but I can't update with the patch, I always get an error/ time-out.

It tries downloading from the EU servers (region 4 game).

Anyone have any issues?

Knushwood Butt1901d ago

I'm really into the multiplayer, especially the 4 on 4 survival game where there are no respawns.

kparks1901d ago

Actually yes the patch thing happend to me idk what happened it was right when i got the game i would try to dload the patch and my system would shut off i ended up dloading it on my main account then signing onto my sub account and thats the one i play on!

GribbleGrunger1901d ago

I can't believe it surpassed my prediction of 3 million in a month. Well done ND

dedicatedtogamers1901d ago

And THIS is how you support a videogame platform. Meanwhile, on the Wii and the 360, crickets are chirping. Next up, Gran Turismo 6.

Godchild10201901d ago

I hope the next game that sells well is Beyond Two Souls. I enjoyed my time with Heavy Rain and I expect good times with Beyond Two Souls.

Shuyin1901d ago

I wonder if it will outsell MGS4...really curious about that.

ZoyosJD1901d ago

Uncharted 3 sold about on par with MGS4 at closing in on 6 mil lifetime sales. This game sold more than half that in 3 weeks.

I predicted 7-9 mil a while back and it is definitely on track for those numbers.

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Riderz13371901d ago

Wow what a beast. Well deserved, this game is incredible. Have beaten it 3 times now.

badboy7761901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I wonder How well Beyond: Two Souls Will sell??

LAWSON721901d ago

Not to well I think some of us are still wondering what the hell it is.

Picnic1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Like shit in a shitstorm. No, actually it'll sell decently. Artsy games like it do on PS.

Inception1901d ago

I've beaten three time too (normal, hard, survivor). Gonna replay it on survivor+ for the trophies and normal+ for searching firefly pendant, fully upgrade skill & weapons, and shiv locked doors ^^

forcefullpower1901d ago

Good luck. Been playing on hard but had to drop to normal. There some hard places. I don't usually flinch on hard but the bloater in the mill caused me some problems.

aaron58291901d ago

Just started Survivor last night...

I'm more worried about getting out of the sewers...

kneon1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I've finished 5 times now including twice on survivor and once on survivor+, it's not as hard as it may seem if you take your time and only use guns when absolutely necessary. For the bloaters fire is your friend, but also the hunting rifle at full armor piercing and power can be pretty effective.

Survivor really is the best way to enjoy this game, you're often running around with little more than a bottle and 2 bullets so you really need to plan how to approach each encounter. The best approach is sometimes to just avoid the encounter entirely.

aaron58291901d ago


Yea... but i died quite a lot during my "test run" on survivor mode on the "Sewers"

Starting from ...

SPOILER ALERT seperated from Ellie, hallways full of runners and some clickers up to reunited with everyone all the way to the locker rooms...

The locker room was a nightmare !!

TheEvilWithin1901d ago

I just need to get my last online trophy and I have the game to 100%!!! Its such an awesome game and multiplayer is really fun.

Inception1901d ago

Thx :) Yeah bloaters really a pain in the @$$. Flamethrower is the best choice when dealling with this creature. But i've always prepare my molotov because it can took down runner / clickers who came with it.

I died a lot in the sewer on survivor. Those runners really got my nerve. When i want to stealth kill one of them, than the others spotted me :(

Lol, i remembered when i just had one bottle, zero brick, a couple of bullets of handgun, and zero health kit on the way on the capital building when -----SPOILERS----- Tess got biten by runners. Damn man, that was intense!

I agree though that Survivor is the best way to enjoy TloU.

kneon1901d ago


Some minor SPOILAGE below.

I was expecting the locker room to be a nightmare but I had a plan and it worked out really well.

For it to work you really need at least 2 Molotovs. There should be one in the room already if I recall and I rarely ever crafted health kits on survivor so that I could make Molotovs.

The key is to not wait in the locker room, go out into the hall and you will see that most of the infected jump down off a platform down to your level. Once the first one drops down hit him with a Molotov, as the others drop down they will catch fire as well. Some will get by so a second Molotov will take out most of them.

But don't stray too far from the locker room as some will likely come at you from the right. You just need to hold them off long enough for Ellie to open the door, then run for it.

Often these kinds of encounters can be made easier if you follow the advice of Jack Sparrow:

"I have only embraced that oldest and noblest of pirate traditions. We must fight, To run away." :)

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Benjammin251901d ago

4th time for me. Hard, Survivor, Survivor+ and then normal to just take my time and collect all the artefacts. :) just two multiplayer trophies remaining till I platinum this baby. That's what I love about trophies. Everyone thinks their there just so people can show off how many they have. But to me, it lets me show my friends what games i love the most, and it lets me show Naughty Dog how much their game means to me, that I'd put in the effort to platinum it.

r211901d ago

Well deserved. Good SP, good MP, good story, great graphics and just overall a great package. Cheers for ND!

Benjammin251901d ago

'Amazing SP.' Fixed it for you.

r211901d ago

No doubt dude, no doubt.