Battlefield 4 Leading the Next Gen Pack

As of right now, Battlefield 4 is ranking as the most pre-ordered videogame on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the new consoles which will be hitting the market this holiday season. Find out why.

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PersonaPersons1289d ago ShowReplies(1)
ozwoody861289d ago

It was the first game i pre ordered. Mainly because of the video of the new multi player... it looks amazing! Plus i'm sick of cod and their other fish

jairusmonillas1289d ago

Battlefield 4's 64 players online for console is really huge, its gonna blow cod away.

PersonaPersons1289d ago ShowReplies(1)

if its true this is what I say: I think watch_dogs is the most wanted NEW game for next-gen
and resistance 2 had 60P and look at MAG 256P too so BF4 is a bit slow lol

DragonPs41289d ago

the main battlefield games have always had 64 players so i'm not sure what you are talking about.


news to me don't play BF or COD

MWong1289d ago

While MAG & Resistance 2 had 60+ players the multiplayer wasn't like a BF game. So I am pretty sure if DICE made an MP that only featured people it could be 60 people on current gen consoles. But, then it wouldn't be a BF game now would it.

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