The Cost of Hype: Why We All Need to Lower Expectations

Colten Timmons of TheKoalition writes:
Now that the digital dust has had time to settle from E3, and the next generation of gaming is upon us, it seems like a perfect time to reflect on the current state of the industry. Regardless of if you choose to enlist for Sony or Microsoft in the coming console war, or if you wave the great banner for PC supremacy; some issues affect the entire community. Sexism, commercialism, moral outrage, and casualization are just a few of these major issues, but something that seems to go largely overlooked is the problem of progressive expectations.

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fsfsxii1836d ago

Why game journalists should stop hyping game up*
Here, fixed it.

EdgarNygma1836d ago

meh, the system seems broken from the start. what the article says about the rating system is sooooooooo true but it ignores that if a site gives a game a terrible score they are less likely to get a game before release next time. It is all backroom politics and very little honesty. I imagine some game journalists are afraid of giving any AAA game less then an 8 out of said retaliation.

EdgarNygma1836d ago

oh and of course that is not even to mention the scandals were publishers actually paid for good reviews. Conspiracies and corruption abound.

1836d ago
EdgarNygma1836d ago

Turns out Hype is expensive, and a lot less fulfilling than good story or gameplay.....who knew? Apparently not any developer in the industry.