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Storytelling Killed Level Design in Shooters

iLLGaming Staff Writer, A.Patel writes:

"There was a point during the Hong Kong section of the original Deus Ex when I came across a rare moment of brilliance I hadn’t experienced before in a game. In the apartment where I was supposed to break-in and investigate without detection, I had been discovered. With nowhere to hide, I made a go for the window. Jumping through it, shattering the glass along the way, I expected to fall down to my death with the bone-crunching noise reminiscent of Half-Life.
Instead, I landed on a ledge. Well above the ground level and with no broken bones.

For me, this was one of the earliest examples I can recall from my gaming experience of level design so complex that even the player wasn’t able to comprehend the limits. Moments like these often take any gamers’ breath away. Finding out that the game world is bigger than you had previously perceived often ranks as a cherished and vital memory in many of our minds. Who wasn’t squealing with excitement when they found out that the end of Pokemon Gold wasn’t really the end and there was entire Kanto still waiting to be explored" (Deus Ex, Dishonored, Half-Life 2, PC, Pokémon Gold)

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Oh? Hopefully this is a growing sentiment among game's journalists. Maybe I won't get so many damn downvotes and bubble losses when I rail on this crap in my posts.
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