Crytek on Ryse's combat: "mashing to mastery"

Design director talks fighting flow and rewarding players, as well as working Xbox One tech.

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ThatEnglishDude1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

So in short, mash buttons and prepare for QTE's. NEXT GEN!

DragonKnight1689d ago

This is another one of those moments where I question how anyone could expect anything else. Crytek are good at graphics, and that's about it. Ryse has a lot of potential, but how can you have fun QTE'ing in EVERY fight?

And before someone tries to bring up God of War, don't even bother because you know it's not even close to the same thing.

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georgeenoob1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

^ This

This site hates QTE's now cause an Xbox exclusive uses them.

And this is Crytek we're talking about here. They pushed PC to the limits, just imagine them on a next-gen exclusive.

sinncross1689d ago

I never understand the complains about GoW just being QTE.

The only time QTE's are mandatory are in boss fights, and all they do is give a visual flair to the next segment of teh fight, instead of the boss just automatically going to form 2 and 3 etc.

Normal enemies... you dont need to QTE. In fact, QTEing a creature gives you a different reward than a normal kill, such as magic instead of health.

Its hard to tell with Ryse until we see more but from E3 it looked like it just took the Batman engine and then added tons of QTE's that you need to do in order to kill enemies. Obviously there might be more to it but judging from E3, saying that Ryse is like GoW is not a legit comparison yet I believe.

adorie1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I was just playing GoW2 on PCSX2 and While it did have a good use of QTE's, manual use of the DS2 was integral to the overall gameplay and navigating from point A to point B.

You cannot compare these 2 games gameplay-wise because..

1) We have yet to have hands on Ryse and complete the game

2)GoW2, after beating it (first time, btw)
is not even close to being as QTE heavy as Ryse, with everything shown so far.

CD Projekt Red, Slightly Mad Studios,SoE, and 4A games are pushing PC to it's limits.

DragonKnight1689d ago

It's not "insurance" I just know how stupidly ignorant some people will be just because something negative is being said about an Xbox One game.

God of War is famous for QTE's, but they aren't available for literally every fight and normally reserved for finishing moves on sub-boss or elite enemies, full out bosses, or for story progression. From what we've seen, and heard, of Ryse, QTE's are pretty much the whole battle element. Even grunts get QTE segments.

So now you've been educated on the difference, I'm sure you'll continue to make the erroneous comparison anyway.

baodeus1689d ago


What about heavy rain, or rather heavy QTE? No one seem to complain about that, but they complain about some game with QTE now why?

cunnilumpkin1689d ago

every crytek developed game;
crysis 1
crysis warhead
crysis 2
crysis 3

has been freaking awesome, on pc at least, yes the console versions were awful, but they did that just to make extra cash to develop cryengine 4, which will obviously be amazing!

they are masters of graphics and fps gameplay!

kneon1688d ago


That's because most of what people call qtes in HR are not actually QTE's, they are just dialog choices. Had they been presented in a more traditional manner no one would have said anything.

In the places where actual QTE'S are used it works brilliantly. HR is a game about making choices and living with the consequences. Using QTEs in combat for example can make it very stressful as you know that missing too many can end in death, and there are no do overs.

MikeMyers1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

"It's not "insurance" I just know how stupidly ignorant some people will be just because something negative is being said about an Xbox One game."

Stupidly ignorant? How about we take things into context shall we. When we have a member such as yourself who's been a Xbox hater long ago (before the Xbox One was even announced) and continues this brigade with other regulars around here that comment is just so hypocritical.

Again I have to ask, why does one have to be a hater in order to be someone who enjoys the Playstation? Years ago we seen battles between fanboys for systems like the SNES and the Sega Genesis. That was largely made up of young teenagers and kids whos parents couldn't really afford both systems. That's why those rivalries made more sense back then. Fast forward to today and we actually have grown adults that get this same pleasure trolling the competition. Is it really impossible to enjoy both God of War and look forward to Ryse even if both ip's on are two different brands of consoles?

That's really what we have here, those whos views are so biased because this is coming to the Xbox. Trying to have discussions with GT fanboys is awfully familiar when talking about Forza. It's not really about how they are as racing games but rather how one is a Sony racing game while the other is a MS racing game. This site is supposed to be a place for all-in-one gaming information but what it's turned into is this haven for Playstation fans for whatever reason. If Ryse was a PS4 exclusive the tone on this site for that game would be completely different. You know it and I know it.

maniacmayhem1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


The QTE's are finishing moves and are not necessary to kill an enemy. I'm pretty sure the dev said this in one of the videos while playing the game. No one complained about this for God of War or Heavy Rain but now you are concerned because Ryse has implemented this long standing gameplay design?

You claim it isn't close to the same thing but it is. Again you downplay one aspect while not addressing or telling people to not bring up another.

DragonKnight1688d ago

@maniac: Pretty sure huh? So you have nothing to go on but what you think you heard, and yet video evidence, i.e. the actual gameplay demonstration, shows far more QTE sequences than any other game of similar combat and God of War is the same?

How about this link here.


Crytek are on record about the QTE's being designed to make the game accessible. God of War's significantly fewer QTE's were put there to end a fight in bloody gore. And yet the game's are the same?

What's become clear is that we both know little about Ryse, but you clearly don't know anything about God of War. To suggest that Ryse's accessible combat with QTE's on every grunt there is in the game is on the same level as God of War's QTE's designed to progress the story or end a fight against an elite enemy or boss shows the height of your ignorance and the lengths at which you will go to defend anything Xbox One.

I'm sure you'll enjoy Ryse: Son of Casual QTE, but don't insult gamers the world over by trying to say that it's the same thing as God of War when there are dozens of videos that prove you wrong.

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dedicatedtogamers1689d ago

That is what has me slightly worried about next gen. I know that launch titles aren't going to be very representative of what "next gen" means, but they do offer a taste. Ryse takes everything I hate about current-gen gaming (constant in-engine cutscenes, QTEs, linear areas, forced "minigames" like hiding in your testudo while throwing infinite pilum) and tries to play it off as "next gen".

What's worse, this was supposed to be a Kinect game for the 360!

spicelicka1689d ago

Your concerns may be valid, but i'm personally glad it went from a kinect 360 game to a controller based nex-gen game. I was expecting an on rails motion-based kinect crap. No matter how you look at it, it's a lot better than what was first expected so i give it credit for that.

And we really haven't seen or heard much about it other than that e3 demo so maybe there'a a lot of things you aren't considering. I've heard it'll have PvP gladiator battles, which is really cool.

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die_fiend1688d ago

Sounds almost as fun as the Crysis games. Shallow, soulless, lacking any charm. But a muscly guy in a tight suit

ThatEnglishDude1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

@edonus "It it just hilarious that all of a sudden QTE is the devil when A graphically superior game on a MS console uses them."

@georgeenoob "This site hates QTE's now cause an Xbox exclusive uses them."

What have you been smoking? Graphically superior? debatable. But QTE's have never been interesting and what the fuck are you talking about "all of a sudden" Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have received a LOT of backlash for being almost entirely QTE based. Why are you getting so defensive? It's not that anyone is picking THIS game in particular simply because it's an Xbox One exclusive, it's because it's a tired worn out trope of videogame design that wasn't even that good to begin with and being used to demonstrate what a 'next gen' game looks like. Are you so dense and naive to think that only NOW people are complaining about QTE's? People have been arguing the importance of QTE's for years. Wake up.

I just find it endlessly amusing how when someone has something negative to say or a difference in opinion about a frikken VIDEOGAME that happens to be exclusive to one console, you're automatically attacking the platform it's on. Great logic kids!

DonFreezer1682d ago

Why do you care?Play God Of War when it comes to your precious ps4 and stop wasting your time commenting on games you probably think are shit.

ThatEnglishDude1682d ago

God of War is a tired franchise that has, quite honestly, gone on too long as it is. There's been virtually zero improvements (besides graphics) and it just feels very stale at this point.

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fsfsxii1689d ago

"Mashing to mastery"
Or in another words: "Mash till your fingers hurt"
Interesting, i'll see how this turns out.

B-radical1689d ago

Lol if someones finger were to hurt from playing a game then they should get checked out lol just saying

Septic1688d ago

You've never plated the Track and Field games have you? At one stage, my fingers were skinless!

NovusTerminus1689d ago

Mashing to Mastery... I will pass.

I like the grace of DMC's insane combos, or NG with its Shuriken cancels. You have to know what you are doing, not just mashing.

They should have looking more to Dark Souls for this game.

pyramidshead1689d ago

Agreed, also like the styles of Bayonetta and the up coming Killer Is Dead who make a hack'n'slash stylish and interesting with insane moves to make the combat fresh.

True_Samurai1689d ago

At e3 he said the gameplay mechanics were sped up to complete the demo faster. So in the final version you will need to do allot of combos and blows to get the QTE. Sounds good to me

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