Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshot (7/8/13)

Take a look at the daily Smash Bros. screenshot (for Wii U) - July 8.

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exfatal1688d ago

Pits new B down look badass

1688d ago
Rainstorm811688d ago

I'm kinda disturbed that SSB and Mario Kart both look better than Super Mario 3D world.

I hope that's not all the Mario games we get on Wii-U......freaking 3DS sequels.

bigbearsack1688d ago

The more I watch that 3d Mario, the more I'm sold on it. look for Nintendo to make the wii u look good.

Phil321688d ago

I agree. The more I see of Super Mario 3D World, the more I am liking it. Then again, Super Mario 3D Land was really fun, and I've always wanted a 3D multiplayer Mario. I understand some are peeved about no online, but could you imagine how perfect the latency would have to be to make precision jumps and platforming? It'd be crazy.

Jagsrock1688d ago


I dunno man 3D world looks pretty good to me.

1688d ago