List of PS4 and Xbox One Exclusives; Multiplatform Games Included as Well

Whether you are on the Xbox One camp or Playstation 4’s – we have compiled a list of game available on both consoles along with exclusives.

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fpshooter21958d ago

Agreed. No matter your console of choice its a lot to look forward to.

omi25p1958d ago

My choice is the best.


FlameHawk1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@georgeenoob, money can do wonders.

HammadTheBeast1957d ago

Just pointing out, 7/20 PS4 exclusives announced, 11/15 Xbone exclusives announced. First party.

Muerte24941958d ago

I secured my PS4 purchase two day after Sony's E3's press conference

georgeenoob1958d ago

Looks like Xbox One has the upper hand in exclusives. So much for Xbox not being a gamers console.

Skips1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


Still hyping up exclusives from mediocre developers I see??? LOL!

Below, made by Capybara Games? Looks like an indie game... PS4 has a million of those. XD

Crimson Dragon, an on rails shooter... lol!!!

D4, made by Access games, whose ONLY decent/good game was Deadly Premonition, the others games in their profile just SCREAMING of mediocrity (Lord of Arcana, Ace Combat: Joint Assault). Yay for mediocrity?

Killer Instinct, lol @ Double Helix. Dudes who made Silent Hill Downpour and Battleship. Yay for mediocrity? Again!

Sunset Overdrive... honestly, their latest sub par Ratchet and Clank games and horrible Fuse don't give me much hope on this one. lol

I don't get how MS showing nothing but 5-10 second trailers without gameplay, from mediocre devs means they "have the upper hand". LOL!


Just call it as I see bud... Xbox fans bashed people for getting excited by games from devs without any track records of decent games ALL the time!

Considering Sony liked to sign deals with them ala Ninja Theory, Eat Sleep Play, Super Massive Games ect. etc. ... But when MS does the same EXACT thing, they all of a sudden pull a 180 and hype up these exclusives from no names as it's the second coming of Christ. LMFAO!!!

All of sudden, these developers MATTERED. I just find that HILARIOUS!!!!

Sitdown1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Wow, did the xbox one abuse your family? Don't stop there.....I want to see how you knock the rest of the games on the xbox matter how ridiculous your rationale might be.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1958d ago


Did you see how short the X1 list was?

And Respawn has said they are still considering PS4 for Titanfall, so it won't stay exclusive!

So where is that upper hand you speak of?

crazyeightz1958d ago

@Sonic 200

spoken like a true fanboy.

georgeenoob1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


I said exclusives, not console exclusives, which you guys love to argue against.

If you want to count obscure indie console exclusives, sure, Sony has the upper hand in that.

QuickdrawMcgraw1958d ago

Geor will they really release all those exclusives.The 360 exclusives seem to run dry a few years in.Hope your right.Myself I feel burn by MS so I'll wait a few yrs just to see how they support their machine.

S2Killinit1958d ago

Can you count? PS4 has way more exclusives. And Titanfall (which I could care less for) is coming to PS4. I don't know what "advantage" you speak of.

thechowderp1958d ago

i counted more games coming to ps4 than xbox one,
with ps4 having about 65 games and xbox one having about 55 games

maniacmayhem1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@Sonic200 now Skip

Funny that all Sony fans had was MS has no exlcusives, now that MS has shown better and more the sony tools have flipped flopped and are now trying to downplay them all the same way the supposed MS fans did to Sony.

How can you point the finger at anyone when you and the rest of your circle do the exact same thing.

Your only ammo or excuse is that these games are from "mediocre" developers. But that still doesn't explain the more games and exclusives for X1 actually SHOWN at E3.

I call it as I see it too..
Sony fanboys extremely hurt and sad that more exciting games are appearing on the X1 and are now trying anything in their power to drudge up the past. Like little children.

And a Well Said to boot...nope no bias on this site.

Muerte24941957d ago

Microsoft doesn't have any first party studios producing decent games. You have Rare, makers of Killer Instict, not working on Killer Instict. How much sense does that make? These are mostly timed exclusives except for Dead Rising 3. Microsoft just churned out development costs for most of these projects from 3rd party developers. They did this with Bungie and Epic Games.

Sorry there were more games running on actual Ps4 devkits and not a PC with GTX780 inside. Forza and Ryse were the only games confirmed running on actual Xbox One devkits.

Also if you want to go there, why is Xbox One (limited launch supply)pre-orders still available for pre-order at one of America's largest game retailers? Xbox One die-hards are delusional. They're even trying to justify the $60 price tag for Titanfall.

Skips1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


"now that MS has shown better"

LOL! Only a complete idiot would think 5-10 second trailers (from mostly MEDIOCRE developers) are considered "BETTER".

And two words buddy, Xbox, and Xbox 360... Anybody who really thinks MS's investment in QUALITY NEW IP's will last, is delusional...

Now with Kinect 2.0 built in and MANDATORY. Expect the support to be even LESS than the 360.

Hell, does MS even HAVE a decent game coming out for the 360 this year??? LMFAO!!! Sony didn't scrap their games from this year just to try and fluff up their next gen lineup bud. They have 20 exclusives coming (5 MORE than MS) all the while still supporting their current console with Sly 4, The Last Of Us, God Of War Ascension, Puppeteer, Beyond Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6... It'd be completely hilarious (albeit sad for the PS3) if all these exclusives were saved for PS4... LMAO!

"How can you point the finger at anyone when you and the rest of your circle do the exact same thing."

Are you kidding??? As I said before, Sony has ALWAYS signed on with developers with no decent track record.... Ninja Theory, Eat Sleep Play, Supermassive Games, Thatgamecompany, etc. etc. Some games ended up better than others... But regardless, these studios AND their games were bashed left and right by Xbox fans saying "LOL!!!! THIS GAME IS GONNA FLOP!!!, THOSE DEVS SUCK BLAH BLAH BLAH", But when MS does the SAME EXACT THING, sign on with devs who have NO decent track record whatsoever... They hype up these developers and exclusives like there's no tomorrow.

"But that still doesn't explain the more games and exclusives for X1 actually SHOWN at E3."

20 from devs with a track record > 15 from mediocre devs

Support for the CURRENT CONSOLE > Being completely abandoned

Long term support > Short term support

I'll be completely hilarious what MS will try and pass off as "Triple A" at Gamescom AND TGS. XD

"Sony fanboys extremely hurt and sad that more exciting games are appearing on the X1"

More exciting??? lol

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3-4-51957d ago

So many games. Sony's exclusives appeal to me personally just a bit more than XB1, but both have some good games.

Software_Lover1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Diablo 3 is exclusive? It's coming out on Xbox 360 as well. So is Titan Fall. Some of those games listed as "exclusive" should be listed under multiplatform as there are PC versions as well.

Edit: I do see that they have the heading "Console" exclusives. Smart move.

MWong1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Well Blizzard hasn't announced Diablo 3 as an XBone title as the author writes at the bottom of the list. But, yea I heard Titan Fall might be coming to PS4. So like I stated a few weeks back it sounds like a timed-exclusive same thing with DR3.

From what I have got from Sony they don't really state the words exculsive unless it's something they create now. Like they annoucned exclusive content for Diablo 3 ... etc. M$ will just brand everything as exclusive to them only knowing that it's likely a timed-exclusivity.

PFFT1958d ago

Yep same here. I will be buying a PS4 at a later date though.

HugoDrax1958d ago

Both day one for me. I don't have any games pre ordered for my PS4 besides Infamous, but that's not a launch title so hopefully gameplay footage of The Order turns out to be good. Otherwise, I'll be playing DR3, Forza5, Killer Instinct at launch and my PS4 will be sitting in the box :-(

joefrost001957d ago

I feel you day one purchase ps4 and xbox one
Console waring is stupid and just hides the fact they cant get both consoles so they have to mindf!#+k themselves into believing they have the best
Always hear "I only want this system cause it.have the games I play"
If your a real gamer you would want to play all the different games you can

slimpickens1958d ago

Xbone for me day one! Awesome exclusives and features that I'm excited about.

princejb1341958d ago

The only games I'm interested in are:

Battlefield 4
Final fantasy 15
Kingdom hearts 3
The division
Watch dogs
The order 1866
Sunset overdrive

Andreas-Sword1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

My most wanted games:
- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- Battlefield 4
- InFamous: Second Son
- The Order: 1886
- Deep Down
- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
- PlanetSide 2
- Warframe
- Watch Dogs

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