The Most Versatile Video Game Voice Actors

Nathan Misa of discusses and lists some of the most prolific and versatile voice actors that bring many of our favourite video game characters to life.

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Mr_Nuts1660d ago

Troy Baker but no Nolan North

Nathan Drake
Dead Pool
Adventure Sphere
Space Sphere
The Penguin
David (The Last of Us)

If thats not being versatile then I don't know what is, he seems like a more well rounded voice actor then Troy in my opinion

crxss1660d ago

Jennifer Hale versatile? um... sure?

UNGR1660d ago

She's way too monotone, and boring. I can't stand her voice.

Trenta271660d ago

Nolan needs to be on that list. He has such range. I didn't even know he was David in Last of US until I saw his name in the credits.

wedgie1660d ago

Agreed. The problem with Nolan North is, after Uncharted, I feel like everyone wanted him to do his "drake" voice, because of how well that went over, so everyone always hears that voice.

But if given the freedom, I feel he has one of the broadest ranges in voice acting.

Ex. David from the Last of Us.

SquareEnixFan1660d ago

I'm always happy to see articles giving video game voice actors the respect they deserve. Great to see two of my favorites Troy Baker and Tara Strong made the list.

MonChiChi1660d ago

Blum is my fav, but all are deserving and yes Nolan should be on there.

UNGR1660d ago

I think what developers should be doing is auditions with people who would work on the cheap. It would save tons on costs, and liven the atmosphere in game. It's always nice to hear new voices.

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