SmartGlass on Xbox One: nine reasons you shouldn't miss it

OXM UK: "Microsoft intends to take SmartGlass integration still further with Xbox One's iteration, which it says will be more flexible and powerful than ever before. If you've yet to take the plunge, here are a few reasons you should be interested."

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kingdip901986d ago

I remember using the gameboy advance with the wind waker on the gamecube after I read a bunch of hype about how it would enhance gameplay... I think nintendo wanted to go that way for a long time and thats why we have the wiiu controller. With wiiu and vita with ps4 we will have remote play and smartglass type stuff... so I think ms are beat just using cell phones. Sure more people have smart phones than people have vita's but still

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Triforce0791986d ago

WiiU does it with zero latency ????

B-radical1986d ago

Am purchasing a windows phone soon looking at the nokia lumia's am over android atm

mcstorm1986d ago

You wont go wrong. I have a Lumia 900 and love it but getting a Lumia 925 which looks the best Windows phone on the market at the moment. For me Having Xbox music pass makes Windows Phone stand out over the other phones because of the way it works and syncs with my xbox and surface RT.

Windows Phone wont be for everyone but for me its the best Mobile OS I have used and I have tried them all.

As for smart glass I really like the software again works well with my surface and Windows phone for controlling my xbox music and YouTube ect but the smart glass on the one looks another step up from what the 360 version offers and I look forward to using it.

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The story is too old to be commented.