The Last of Us: What Makes This Horror So Unique

The survival horror genre is definitely making a comeback, but unfortunately it looks like many of the titles are waiting for the next generation of consoles to make their debut. Fortunately, one game out now that will definitely fill the survival horror void in your heart is The Last of Us. This game doesn’t just clone the zombie shoot-‘em-up genre that we’ve all become so familiar with. It creates its own atmosphere and gameplay style that will keep you on your toes.

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ArchangelMike1506d ago

I wouldn't call TLoU 'survival horror'. There's very little actual 'horror', if at all. But one thing (among many) that makes it such a great game is the story telling and human drama, just the believable characters. The infected are almost an incidental aside. That right there sets it apart from every other zombie game ever made. Why? simply because in all the other zombie games. The zombies are the main attraction, and you are generally fighting zombies from beginning to end, with two dimensional characters in a lack luster world.