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PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Third and Final Round – Controllers & Games

This round will focus on the biggest games coming to both consoles, and how we will be playing them. (PS4, Xbox One)

KillrateOmega  +   781d ago
Round 3 goes to PS4
I would hope so; they've made significant improvements to their controller design and they've got some great games in the works, both confirmed and expected.

Holiday season is taking WAY too long to get here :(
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mewhy32  +   781d ago
The xbone really doesn't even have a chance. Micro$oft with their DRM debacle, designing an inferior system, and making the spy camera kinect mandatory then having the gall to charge 100.00 more that the PS4??? Wow, how stupid can you get?
1OddWorld  +   781d ago
XBOX just keeps taking the hits.

I am buying a PS4 and am excited about it. And my enthusiasm might seem like Fanboyism, but I think I am just a sh!t talker. I think their is a difference. Why cant I be enthusiastic about the console I am purchasing and flaunt its superiority and the competitions short falls? I don't hate XBOX or anything, I just love to stick it to the competition. I understand that my flaunting the facts may hurt feelings but a fact is a fact. Are we in a nanny state where I need to be PC at all times worrying whether some one might get their feelings hurt? No. We are not in a nanny state and so you can suck it XBOX Fatty's.

Riddle me this XBOX180 if I sh!t in one hand and put your power of the cloud gaming in the other which will fill up faster? Neither because I will be to busy playing PS4 to test that sh!t out.
Septic  +   781d ago
"Are we in a nanny state where I need to be PC at all times worrying whether some one might get their feelings hurt? No. We are not in a nanny state and so you can suck it XBOX Fatty's. "

Right...so you're just basically admitting to be a full-on fanboy.

A true gamer will enjoy the games regardless of the platform. A true gamer won't pick a side and seek to shoot down others and their enjoyment of games on their platform of choice.

There is such as a thing as being critical, and another being just a fanboy. And I'm sorry but your post is just trolling.
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1OddWorld  +   780d ago
I am not trolling at all just stating that there is a difference between the two. A fanboy hates the XBOX. I don't hate the XBOX I just love to stick it to the loser when I am winning. I am winning because I have chosen the better console in public opinion, and factual information that doesn't need to be measured by the power of the cload. Which is why I get to flaunt the facts and rub them all over the losers face in this case XBOX fans. We all have this tendency, so is every time we do it fanboyism?

Example: At a football game do you root for the apposing team to do better?


Do you down play the other teams players and talk sh!t about how they will never catch your running back Jamal Charles?

I am just saying that their is nothing wrong with a little sh!t talking. I have been doing it since Tecmo Bowl.
JBSleek  +   781d ago
It comes off at times that people who bash or constantly need to talk down a console that they are almost validating their own reasons for picking one over the other.

Your getting the PS4 cool so am I but I never understood the need to talk down about the competition.

I use OSX but there is no need for me to be pretentious when it comes to Windows users.
1OddWorld  +   780d ago
Whether you understand it or not is not of my concern. I am just stating that their is a difference and that there is nothing wrong with it its a healthy part of any competition.

People that don't like flaunting are usually the same people that give every kid a trophy even though they didn't win the race.
GunsAndTheBeast  +   781d ago
wow, you sound exactly like me. i think i mayv found my long lost twin brother.
JBSleek  +   780d ago
This competition you speak of or what you say to make yourself seem validated is stupid as you are a consumer.

Trash talk between Sony and Microsoft is fine sure but who are you?

Also it would be fine if you were subjective or even impartial but that is not the case.

Also who cares about public opinion people are stupid.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   781d ago
I believe controller is mostly preference, but if we are prejudging then by what all hands on reviews say then the ps4 wins controller aspect.

And well games is completely obvious, Sony will have better games than Microsoft for the 3rd generation in a row.

Sony 14 unannounced exclusives
Microsoft 2-4 depending on if they could timed exclusives
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Valkyre  +   781d ago
Τhe argument of who has the better games shouldnt be even up for questioning...

Just take a look at PS3 vs 360...

look at how many exclusive studios and new IPs Sony created. Its not just Quantity, its not just quality, its also diversity.

On the other hand 360 and MS always rely in big fat checks and everyone is abandoning them , look at bungie, look at epic, look at all the "so called" 360 exclusives like ME trilogy, Bioshock etc etc

Also take a look at 2013 for a simple reference on who supports more his product even towards the end of its life...

PS3 in 2013 saw 5-6 big blockbuster AAA titles coming out with the Last of Us being the most recent example of how quality exclusives are Sony's big weapon. We had GOW asenscion, we had Ni No Kuni, we had The Last of Us, we still have Beyond 2 Souls, we still have GT6 and more, all of these just in 2013... so take a look at how diversive that list is by itself... you have a hack n slash, a jrpg, a survival action game, a thriller drama game, a racer etc etc

All these studios and people are going to be making games for the PS4 and the family of Sony's exclusive partners will only grow even larger...

There is simply no competition... Sony is hands down the epitome of quality exclusive gaming.
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ape007  +   781d ago
90% of games look better, run better on 360 with better conrtoller and way superior online features

im no hater, ps2 was one of my fav systems of all time and it's better than both xbox 360 and ps3 imo but this gen i find myself leaning toward xbox 360 more, not only me, look at the sales difference between ps2 vs xbox 1 and ps3 vs 360, MANY MANY made the jump from sony to MS. FACT

the only thing stood out in ps3 imo is naughty dog, perhaps the best studio in this entire gen other exclusives like killzone and resistance are good no doubt but they are NO WHERE near as big, as rated, as successful, as more played or as ICONIC as Halo and Gears of War
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Valkyre  +   781d ago
Stop posting bullshit as FACT.

"90% of games..." my ass...

look at digital foundry and everywhere you want and check how many PS3 exclusives are considered this generations graphical benchmarks.

Fact is I got/am getting 6 exclusive critically aclaimed games this year ALONE. Please tell me what you got...

You can whine all you want but what was the last time you got an AAA exclusive on 360? Something the world even talked about, that changed the indusrty?

Ah yes... its been a while.

Good luck with your timed exclusives and as far as multiplatforms? Would be extremely funny watching xbone bite the dust with its way inferior hardware.


Good luck.
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ape007  +   781d ago

dude you're so laughably defensive

need help? i know that is the side effects of "high doses of reality"
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Valkyre  +   781d ago

amazing arguments!! I mean clearly your counter-argument speaks for itself.

You need to spend more time with Kinect.
eclectified  +   781d ago
Console sales numbers are an inaccurate representation of their respective fanbase.

I'm on my 4th Xbox 360. That means there are 3 less people playing 360 than the numbers would indicate and I know I'm not the only one.

Same with ps3... I'm on my 2nd and, again,I know I'm not the only one.
MysticStrummer  +   781d ago
"90% of games look better, run better on 360"


"with better conrtoller"


"and way superior online features"

It had some features PS3 didn't, I'll give you that, but I had no trouble playing games online and communicating with my friends, which is all I care about.

"MANY MANY made the jump from sony to MS."

If this gen has shown you anything, it's that market share doesn't necessarily carry over from generation to generation. MS could easily drop back quite a bit next gen. Both Sony and Nintendo have learned this, and MS will learn it eventually whether it's next gen or not.

I knew a lot of people who bought 360s, and most of them ended up buying more than one because of RRoD. None of them has a 360 now, and several of them have sworn to never buy another MS console. I doubt I'm the only person who has friends that feel that way. Add in MS's handling of the One's reveal and policies, and you get an explanation for why the polls and preorders are the way they are.

"the only thing stood out in ps3 imo is naughty dog"

As you admit, that's your opinion. Many many people disagree.

"other exclusives like killzone and resistance are good no doubt but they are NO WHERE near as big, as rated, as successful, as more played or as ICONIC as Halo and Gears of War"

All that means is that you use sales and other people's opinions to determine what games to champion. Personally I put Killzone, Resistance, and Halo all in the same boat full of generic FPS gameplay, though Killzone does look better than the others. As for Gears, I understand why it got popular, which I can't say about Halo, but it's not something I'd buy a console to play. Mario is iconic too, but that doesn't make his games interesting to me.
sic_chops  +   781d ago
The last of us is all you need to say
gamertk421  +   781d ago
3 hours in and it still hasn't grabbed me yet. It's really good, don't get me wrong, but I was expecting epiphany with all the near-universal acclaim. So far I prefer UC2 and UC3 to it, as far as gaming experiences.
LoveOfTheGame  +   781d ago
Over 90% of games are multiplats that looked better on 360, so whine about exclusives all you want he is still right.
Valkyre  +   781d ago
^^ Ok dude, i'll play your "game", nevermind the fact that your statistics are utter BS but anyway.

So lets say sure 90% of multiplats are better on 360, and Sony had only the exclusive edge here...

Well if that is the case, then , like I said you ar ein for a rough ride next gen...

Because Sony will retain its dominance when it comes to exclusives.

And also because PS4 is substantially more powerfull than xbone (which is a fact, you can educate yourself at Digital Foundry, beyond3d etc etc) that means 100% of games will look better on PS4.


In any case you look at it, your beloved MS and its xbone is between a rock and a hard place.
LoveOfTheGame  +   781d ago
Who cares what games look better, Crysis 3 showed what good that does. Hell even Ryse for Xbox One looks great, but also boring as hell.

Making a game that is fun is what is important, that's why when you don't blindly defend one console you can actually enjoy gaming and choose what games you enjoy.

Can't beat this lineup:
Halo 4
Gears 1-3
JBSleek  +   781d ago
Once again this is silly. How can you judge something you never touched or played with all you have is trailers and pictures. I don't understand why the comparisons in July. Calling a game in the first inning is never a good indication of what's really going to happen this generation.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   781d ago
But what we do know is Sony has beat Microsoft the last 2 gens in terms of exclusives.

At least Sony continues to show AAA exclusives thoughtful the whole lifespan of the console.

And lmfao@ the Xbox 90% of games looks better rofl, last time I checked ps3 exclusive usually dust the 360 in terms of graphics.

Heavy rain

shall I keep going lol
ApolloAdams  +   781d ago
Well let's say I agree with your assumption that PS3 exclusives were better than Xbox which is a fair assumption to make. I am not going to take past experiences and automatically assume the same outcome. The equal of me saying well Sony had some crappy UI and I guess we can assume it will happen again.

I personally prefer the One exclusives for this holiday season than I do PS4.
Foxgod  +   781d ago
Lets look at the future and not the past.
Its a non argument to say that Sony has been doing better in exclusives the past two years.

Because half of MS their studio's are no more then 3 years old, and will be producing their first game this gen.

Sony will have a tough battle this gen to rival MS on high budget exclusives, as MS made a huge investment over the past 3 years in new studio's featuring top talent.

And the graphics of the games you mentioned are nothing better then the exclusives on the 360, i own both consoles, and MGS4 is my favorite game this gen, but it doesnt look better then Halo4 or the gears games.
patsrule316  +   781d ago
For second screen, they missed that PS4 will also have a playstation app for tablets. We don't know exactly what will be in it, but it will do something. So they have more than just remote play on the vita.

For games, they missed Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark for Xbox.

Also, I don't think Diablo III is a console exclusive, although its possible I am wrong on that.
darkangel360  +   781d ago
First of all I think the xbox one controller is way better than ps4 controller second theres no way in hell killzone is better than titan fall or driver club better than forza or knack better than spark this people must be on drugs because the games microsoft showed are way past better than the ones ps4 showed and if u cant afford to pay a 100 dolars more dont hate the machine hate your self for not having it.. ps4 is for poor people who don't even have internet access!
Foxgod  +   781d ago
Not to mention that even thought the ps4 line up is diverse, the Xb1 lineup is even more diverse.
Each and every game released in the early months are of a separate genre.
Manic2014  +   781d ago
I dont think we can yet decide if killzone is better or worts than titanfall etc as we havent experienced the gameplay yet, just seen the visuals. In my opinion killzone looks generic but for other it looks like the best game ever. For now its only an opinion of what we have watched but have not played.
SwitchInput  +   781d ago
Titanfall is NOT an exclusive it is also on 360 and PC, and the devs said that it still might come out on PS4.
Foxgod  +   781d ago
What a strange article.
First he mentions the Xb1 has more perhipals, after comparing the two platforms, then he mentions the XB1 has more exclusives after comparing the two platform.

Then he declares the Ps3 the winner.
Baed on what? theres zero arguments in this article, he just sums up what is on what platform and thats it....

You know where biased journalism rules?
North Korea, Iran and other un democratic totalistic holes.
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SwitchInput  +   781d ago
You need to read better. I never said it had more peripherals or exclusives. AND I said why the PS4 won at the end. I understand you love Xbox, but there's no need to make up things. And you need to learn what the word "biased" means...
LoveOfTheGame  +   781d ago
Haha, might as well list MGSV for Xbox if we are putting Diablo 3 with PS.
Funantic1  +   781d ago
PS4's analog stick is in the same exact place. That was the biggest problem in the first place. That's what people, even PS2 and PS3 users, complained about for years. The PS4 controller has flashing lights and touch pads, all cool gimmicks. But they never fixed the sticks. The ones who will play for hours at a time will understand, not the biased ones who pick up a controller for 30 seconds.
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   781d ago
The sticks? I don't think they're an actual problem, been playing PS since PS1, used all the controllers. And quite frankly, never heard people complain about them, the thumb placement is leveled and placed correctly. I have a 360, so comparing them both, the 360 is actually more awkward, especially when you push forward on the left analog, it gets awkward and unnatural, as your thumb overreaches forward and it bothers me at times more than it should.

The most popular complain about the DS3 is the handles, you can't grip them as much as you would with a 360 controller, because it's an old design. Why they stick with the old design? Because Sony had to make quick decisions early, because of the laughable boomerang controller, so they copied the old design instead. (They were still at the cross-fires of Sony fanboys at that moment of time. $599 are you kidding me? lol anyway..)
Allsystemgamer  +   781d ago
You must have small hands if the left stick bothers you that much. For me I prefer the 360 controller because of its ergonomic feel. My middle fingers get an indent from the ds3 circular stick beds at the underneath of the controller. That and I HAVE the convex thumb sticks they're slippery and my thumb wants to move all the time. I'm glad they fixed with with DS4. My hands are too big for ds3

I am in no way saying one controller is better. This is just me. To each his own right?

. Now excuse me while I go play TLOU.
Funantic1  +   781d ago
@LilGunsandbeast You got little hands. When you grow some more you'll understand.
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   780d ago
wow good job on making a judgement. first of all i said my thumb overreaches forward does that implies your hand is small? i didn't say i 'try' to overreach did i? great work, standing ovation.

The sad thing here is that some people can't handle the truth. and funantic1, lilguns? what are you 8? you should grow yourself up. lol

Related image(s)
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   781d ago
oops double post. damn internet stutter lol
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   781d ago
I love these SmartGlass/tablet-integration..
PS4 does have a similar SmartGlass feature, they have a tablet-integration for games like The Division, or Watch_Dogs in the PS4 conference, they show you the actual tablet-integration is being used.

So, no SmartGlass isn't unique to the Xbox One it just has a pretty name for it (but may come with more functionality), and on the other hand the PS4 has the capability of a PS Vita cross-play as well, which by the way, for me personally is far better.

Considering at how you can actually play your games, instead of just tapping on your iPad for commands. Plus, you can literally play it everywhere.

I love these SmartGlass/tablet-integration. I hope it catches on, and hopefully, not become just another unused/useless gimmick in the future.
gamertk421  +   781d ago
PS4 wins this round? I strenuously object.
coopman300  +   781d ago
Games and controllers are completely based on preference, like for me the xbox controller is way better, the ps4 controller does look like a big improvement over the previous one. Pretty much all the games i like are on xbox or cross platform/pc so its an obvious choice for me.
Jakens  +   780d ago
We will be waiting and waiting for this result to come in. PS4 vs Xbox One is a lot of fun to discuss until your favorite/preferred side of the two awesome consoles is losing the race.

I for example love Forza but can't stand their DLC model.

I for example love PS4 games but can't stand waiting for proof of concept. (See Last Guardian)

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