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Dishonored Game of the Year Edition Listed by Amazon, Dated for October 16th, 2013

While finding the leak regarding Injustice: Gods Among Us on PlayStation Vita, we also discovered a few more interesting listings by Amazon France, including a Dishonored Game of the Year Edition. - PSLS (Dishonored, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TrendyGamers  +   416d ago
It deserves it.
bub16  +   416d ago
what i don't get is why don't game companies tell us these things are coming?
Salooh  +   416d ago
Looking forward to a next generation sequel. Really loved the first one.
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CaptainYesterday  +   416d ago
I will get it when it comes out but weren't they supposed to be releasing more DLC for Dishonored?
Dr Pepper  +   416d ago
Yeah, the Brigmore Witches DLC (unless they change the name). I'm really looking forward to that, but if it's included in a GOTY edition (which, if one is released, would most likely be the case), I might just pick that up instead to get some of the more minor DLC packs with it.
Tykis  +   416d ago
Not surprising. In fact I was waiting for exactly this!

How is this game?
Dr Pepper  +   416d ago
In my opinion, it is a fantastic game. I think I've beat it 4 times now. Alterations to the world depending on you play it, possible to finish the game without killing a single person, slightly haunting soundtrack, interesting art style, sandbox style levels...

That isn't to say it doesn't have some minor issues, but damn I had (and still have) a lot of fun with it.

I would highly recommend it if the stuff I listed above is something you would enjoy.
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showtimefolks  +   416d ago
very overrated game, don't get me wrong it did few things very nicely but it got a lot of positive press because it was a new IP in a time of only sequels

i liked it, for me personally it was a 7/10 and i feel like a sequel will really improve on the original idea just like how improved Uncharted 2 or AC 2 were over their 1st games

story is something they really have to improve
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fsfsxii  +   416d ago
You read my mind man, i agree with everything, i played the game, it was nice, did some original stuff. But yeah, its pretty overrated. The story didn't make any sense, it was an excuse to put up a story in the game, and they leave you hanging with why the specific guy gives you powers.
showtimefolks  +   416d ago
no doubt and we both have a invisible disagree lol

i am excited for a sequel since to me the 1st was a tech demo in a way,

if dishonored was released in middle for 4-5 new IP's guess what it would be considered a pretty average game
Dr Pepper  +   416d ago
Honestly, it's hard to not just leave a disagree because you two are so vague about your issues concerning the game. fsfsxii says the story didn't make any sense, which is weird, because I thought it was pretty straightforward, with some intriguing/mysterious undertones left to explore in further games/content. You claim they have to improve story... in some way that you don't specify.

Expanding on your position would help, and considering people talk at length about the gameplay, the world (and its changes), and less about the main story, I'm not sure why it was "overrated". Maybe if people were talking about how brilliant or earth-shattering the story was, that would be more appropriate for your opinion. As it stands, in my opinion, it was a good story (with cool alterations depending on your play style), set in a a really interesting world, with really, really great gameplay.
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showtimefolks  +   416d ago
the story makes little to no sense, why are you given the mask or who is that weird man that gives you the powers to begin with?

you can watch any review on the net and they all agree that the story was the weakest part of the game, gameplay was solid and world was good but overall the game has huge room for improvements

also if this game came out when there were 4-6 other new IP's being introduced than this would have gotten not that much positive media coverage, people were so bored with sequels and same old same old that when a new IP is brought out it gets treated like royalty
Dr Pepper  +   415d ago
"the story makes little to no sense, why are you given the mask or who is that weird man that gives you the powers to begin with?"

First of all, the zoom feature is used with the mask, much like Garrett's eye from Thief. It was a pretty useful tool when I was playing. Secondly, it gives your character anonymity around civilians when Corvo's face is spread all over the place. Seriously, an escaped prisoner wearing a mask, that has specific mechanics, means the story makes little to no sense? Good lord.

I'm not sure why The Outsider bothers you so much either. http://dishonored.wikia.com... you can read about him there, since I don't feel like writing a summary here. They didn't explain everything in the game, and quite frankly, they didn't really need to in this game. They will probably delve into it with further installments, giving them room to expand the narrative down the road (since Bethesda said it was the beginning of a franchise).

Honestly, you just seem to be overly critical, trying to downplay any part of the game that was praised. Saying "any" review around the net claimed the world was just "good" and the gameplay was only "solid" is being outright disingenuous.

And guess what, new IPs don't need to launch right around the time of Dishonored for you to compare Dishonored to them. You have a lot of weird dislike for this game, and the only reasons you have mentioned so far was Corvo's mask and The Outsider. You must despise a loooooot of games if that disgruntled you so much.
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