PS Vita Injustice: Gods Among Us GOTY Edition Outed by Amazon, PS3/Vita Release Dated for November 6

Amazon France has been featured on PSLS in the past with a few leaks that turned out to be true (Skyrim GOTY, The Last of Us PS3 Bundle that didn’t appear in North America, and a PS Vita Game & Memory Card Bundle that came to Europe). Their latest leak includes something that you could pretty much already guess: Injustice: Gods Among Us on PlayStation Vita. - PSLS

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Wedge191984d ago

It was almost a given, but pretty cool nonetheless. Too bad there's no cross buy for it though.

TrendyGamers1984d ago

Hopefully there will be Cross Saves and cross buy on any extra DLC.

Dinoegg_961984d ago

Maybe cross play, that would be nice (if this is true).

nick3091984d ago

I love the vita but ports look downgraded on it, heck mk was ugly on it i regret the launch buy.

-Mika-1984d ago

MK looked horrible because it was a bad port. Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 and Street fighter X Tekken looked great on the vita.

Baka-akaB1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Pretty much only MK looked bad and a downgrade . Otherwise , the only downgrade was less animated backgrounds for umvc3 .

Hell some of those ports had new modes and options that had to be ported later on new home consoles versions .

Snookies121984d ago

Not all ports are ugly. Blazblue is the best I've seen. It looks exactly like its console counterpart. It's just up to the developers to get it right.

nick3091984d ago

I said downgraded , only mk & sly looked worse on vita. I rather game on my ps3 and have better graphics, besides i prefer gaming on vita just for exclusives bur hey thats just me.

IMightBeRetarded1984d ago

I didn't think sly was too bad, especially for being open world.

TongkatAli1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

True, but these are console games on a handheld. Its cool that it can handle those games at 60 fps. Have you seen Muramasa on that beast ?

Videos don't count, that OLED shine only appears in person.

r211984d ago

More like Injustice: Gods Amongst us on the go ;)
Good thing I waited, Warner Bros did say if the console versions sells enough, they're gonna make the vita version which sounds like it'll be announced within the months :D

Belking1984d ago

Vita is still doing the same old console port thing. where are the original games sony?

Belking1984d ago

not on my PS store. the thing needs more independent games. It's in a downward spiral right now.

r211984d ago

There are indie games although I presume you're stuck in this 'I want console gaming only experiences on my vita' mindset. Try to loosen up and play some indies, they are pretty refreshing to play. Especially Hotline Miami and Velocity Ultra.

buynit1984d ago

Lol for a second i thought it was going to say free for ps+..

I still can't believe the value i get..

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The story is too old to be commented.